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There was a spoof Brendan Rodgers quote doing the rounds on social media post-game that was so ridiculous in content that everyone believed it to be factual. I never saw the original tweet but did see several people discussing it (so the error was to believe it was from an official source - an error often made on Twitter). The quote cited how possession was more important than goals. An apologetic deflection citing 65% of the ball in Liverpool's favour, the suggestion being the better football team is the team that passed and held the ball longer. Rodgers never said that. Although he did bemoan penalties that were not given and diving and whatever else he could think of to hide the fact that sticking the ball into the back of the net is how teams win games.

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Amalgam in the middle

Liverpool at the Lane, under the floodlights. This won't be as comfortable as the West Ham game. For starters, the visitors are more likely to hold onto the ball and use it more effectively. Brendan Rodgers side is also a work in progress. They might not have the quality we do but they still retain enough quality to cause us a problem. The reason for a more evident style probably has more to do with the fact that Rodgers has enough key players in his team to project his footballing vision. Be it one with plenty of quirks.

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