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Bricked it

QPR 0 Tottenham 0

Funny how the scenario I didn't mention in the match preview is the scenario that frustratingly plays out. QPR displayed the same level of tenacity that a bricklayer would when building a wall. We stood watching with graffiti canisters, failing to spray anything memorable on it. Hardly even left a tag.

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Spookyaway draw, clean sheet, QPR
Stripped down

The game, tomorrow, it's not half as big or important as some would have you believe. It's a side in form against a side that has no form.

We are the side in form, spirited away from home. A side full of quality and sitting 3rd in the league with ambitions to consolidate that position. QPR are in a dogfight they rarely turn up for. Disjointed, erratic. An anomaly of a win against Chelsea has given them hope, but they remain brittle.

If you strip away all the narrative and the glossed over sound-bites and superfluous attempts at creating headlines in the build up to this - what are you left with?

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He's got them dancing through hoops

Andre Villas-Boas and press conferences. Good solid pace, nothing overly spectacular but gets the job done with a touch of flair, much like his team. I'm not about to take more pot shots at Harry Redknapp and his more bubbly soundbitey tell the world everything style when sat in front of the media. For a time it was good to have someone the press liked, took the pressure off. Even though in the end it proved wholly detrimental and created a false bubble that burst with his departure.

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