Worst. Weekend. Ever



Spurs are still looking like a side that need some deep insight into reformulating their shape and movement. If only we had a coach that could galvanise this battered old team.


I think it’s safe to say we’re deep in a dark hole at the moment. I mean, sure, it’s not really a crisis. Well it is of sorts. If you care to compare us to what this same group of players are capable of producing - then arguably, the disconnection and disparity is mammoth. It’s the same group of players right? Right?

Well, perhaps not. Heads turned. Gas tanks running on low. That famed synergy that bound it all together has somewhat become unhinged. This is practically the same crutch-blog I’ve shared on here many times in the past six months (year?) in defence of er…defending this huge dip in form. I won’t centre too much on the ‘support your team no matter what’ ethos. You’ve heard me bang this drum so often I’m sure you’re currently whistling the tune in your head. I’ve always been uncomfortable with turning against the manager or players in times of adversity. Ignoring the whole debate surrounding the ‘I paid for this, I demand better’ ethics, at the core of it all, are we really petulant enough to turn against the very thing that has made some of us petulant enough to turn against it?

Your head has exploded right?

This is still not happy clappy nonsense. I just do not think everything can be fixed in the space of a game or two. I also understand that not everything can be fixed in half a season or more. This might be the end of the road for this particular side but that’s not to say we haven’t got three new players to bed in and others to claim their place in the running too. Harry Kane at the very least is looking super sharp and on it. Others not so much. The defence isn’t a unit. Poch is not the Poch we know either. Perhaps his head was gone before the final against Liverpool, dreaming of the perfect ending.

Tottenham and their players, even with the transfer and contractual distractions, still have it in them to man up and grow a pair. I guess the question is, when do we agree we’re beyond repair? And when we do agree, then what? We stamp our feet because the immediate short term won’t produce any worthy content of joy?

My answer to that is, I care not to entertain it. Not at the moment. Why should I? Is there a deadline we have to meet? Are we gonna suffer the indignity of online rival fans mass-producing memes? Come on. We need to man up too. Teams peak, others have a good season and disappear. We’ve always been there or thereabouts. I don’t buy it, that had we won a cup, we’d all be happy if we failed to maintain CL qualification. The fact is, we have given everything in the past five seasons. It’s been tremendous. We’ve fallen short in a world where some deem this a failure when the reality is, there are teams ahead of us playing at levels that practically nobody can reach (for now). For now because we’re in a state of growth that will close that gap eventually.

I’ll leave it there. Our manager and these players have proved us wrong so many times before. I think we owe it to them to give them the benefit of the doubt. Not doing so is cowardly and pretty self-centred. If it’s the end then be thankful for it all. If it’s not? Then, they’ve proved us wrong again.

For now, Poch has to decide on a team. A formation. Get the key players leading again. That’s the starting block. Otherwise, the mediocre performances will continue.


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