Conclusive proof that we don't care about the FA Cup


Your honour, may I present to you the evidence for this case.

Exhibit A












Exhibit B

Next game: Watford in the Premier League.

Exhibit C

Conor Wickham scored his first goal in 800 days.

Exhibit D

Nkoudou’s existence.

Exhibit E

Trippier’s penalty.

Exhibit F

Mauricio: "The @EmiratesFACup is always a very important competition."


After Thursdays cup game in the League Cup, Sunday’s FA Cup tie was designated as low level priority with the Premier game perceived as high priority. Mauricio Pochettino and the football club Tottenham Hotspur simply do not care for domestic cup competitions unless they find themselves in a semi-final, which they will endeavour to win but will end up losing.

For definitive illustration of this, please refer to Exhibit A and specifically the midfield selection and Exhibit C, Wickham scoring a goal. In addition, Nkoudou is a ringer and Trippier’s penalty the very personification of this club’s botheredness with application and execution when rotating and resting.

Your honour, unfortunately football in these modern times is not comparable to the simplicity that was adored during the 1980s. Tottenham’s tag as ‘Cup Kings’ can now pass into history as today’s generation would simply laugh it off as nothing more than a myth.

Exhibit F would suggest the club and manager respect the cup, but I would suggest otherwise. I would suggest there is selective and ‘mentally tactical’ acceptation and rejection of specific games. That the players and manager will play to win the games they deem as important, for pride and accomplishment. They simply did not perceive this game as important.

Is Daniel Levy’s club one that seeks silverware or Champions League money? Is Poch content to push such an agenda by prioritising league games ahead of knockout ones? Is there an echo of glory in reaching towards something that is arguably beyond them, like the league title, or should they consolidate and embrace pragmatism and go for the cups? Even if it meant losing out on the elite entry of Champions League? Why can they not go for both? Why not indeed. They simply do not have the depth when injuries to key players occur. To challenge convincingly on all fronts would mean replicating the business models of the likes of Manchester City. Or is this a fallacy? Is it in fact a choice? One that the club do not wish to take or perhaps can not.

What is the ‘Tottenham way’ exactly, your honour? In terms of accountancy and investment and potential growth and worth, the current model is sustainable for the owners. Being perpetual contenders is financially viable for Mr Levy but is it not purgatory for the supporters? Surely true consolidation is one step ahead, one level up from where they preside currently?

Yes, the second half of the cup game against Crystal Palace was an excellent response but it begs the question; what on earth was that first half about? The pressure applied would have proved fruitful had a break through been made earlier. Alas, this rationalising is redundant when citing the result.

The defeat feels cheap and that’s rich, is what the fans would say.

No more questions your honour, no more questions.

The verdict is…

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