The End Game


PSV. Inter. Barcelona.


Rival fans have gone from laughing at Spurs for failing to finish top four to now mocking us because we got Barca in the CL group stage. Mate. This is football. This is the end game.

It's amusing how football is often perceived. Spurs or any other club for that matter (on equal pegging or thereabouts) that has a tough group should have it celebrated and enjoyed. The alternative is an easy route into the final (if there is such a thing). You need to play the elite if you want to be a part of it. Granted, some will want to avoid any problems in the group stage and then play the big guns in the knock-outs. It's the Champions League. If you're going to pick out teams you think are lesser than the rest then you're playing a dangerous game. I guess Spurs have often been perceived as the lesser and that hasn't worked out well for some of our opponents. 

Hopefully the brutal lesson of astute tactical savagery dished out against Tottenham has been digested by Poch and his players. Juventus showcased the high level your mental state of mind and physical discipline needs to be to win. Margins. But within those margins you can be crushed.

We are not considered good enough to win the CL right? I'd say most competing in it don't have the edge compared to a select few. But my word am I willing to dream it. I think I'm very comfortable with how things are going for my football club. After-all, isn't this the exact ilk of stature we wanted to be involved with?

It's about how you get there as much as it is how you lift the cup on the night. Poch must be as hyped as our players and fans are. Especially with the Barcelona fixtures, what with his personal history with them.

Oh yeah, we've also got Watford at 'home' in that reserve cup competition. To be played at franchise club MK Dons. 

Just reverse the fixture and give the core support an away day. At least that way there's zero seethe to suffer. Spurs do try (by Spurs I mean management) but they are still so detached from our reality as a fanbase.  

Gonna slowly back away from this blog now...


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