Breaking Bad


Fergie didn't win the league until his 7th season at Utd. He wouldn't have survived his third season if he was a manager in today's cruel world.

There is no patience in modern football because there's too much money involved. Even if you win the league at a top tier club it's not enough for you to avoid getting the sack.

It's difficult to articulate this next bit.

I think supporters have forgotten the essence of what the game is meant to be about because of the cost of going to games. I won't revisit the details here but we can all agree the football experience for certain generations is nothing like it was 'back in the day'. So the lack of patience isn't only boardroom-centric, it's in the stands too.

We've all become part of this mass distortion. I honestly think winning silverware isn't the most important thing to Tottenham fans; what it means to be Tottenham. It is to gooners because deep down they know they don't belong. They need to gloat and shout about it when they're winning because they lack a strong enough identity to avoid feeling insecure when they're failing*. It's not about having ambition and high standards when petulance is the fuel for your complaints. Fans should always take pride in their team. Delusion is what consumes when you don't accept your reality.

*Triggered yeah

Winning cups is something we cherish but it doesn't define us and it doesn't define probably 95% of all football supporters in the world. You belong to your team, your tribe, in victory or defeat and you'd still be there no matter the division you're sat in. Spurs never bossed it, we punctured occasional seasons with patches of swaggering cup runs. So yes, I guess silverware did define those particular chapters in our history. I know, it's a little contradictory. 

My thinking is; Why conform to every other model and scenario that's played out over the past X amount of years? Why reset things constantly? What is the urgency? The deadline to 'win something' under a new managerial appointment or else...or else what exactly?

I know we don't control all the variables. Poch might want to leave for Real Madrid or PSG. We can't stop him if he chooses to do so. But fans can also influence the mood of a club and we have to be careful how we react to our progress. 

The other obvious variable is the core set of players we have. This side might only have another two seasons left in them because of different constraints. The ones pertaining to individual ambitions and of course wealth. So there is a countdown. Which I guess means more contradictory commentary from me as I tie this bit up with the bit in the previous paragraph about deadlines and I'm still no closer to a conclusion.

Now I know that at some point Poch will have taken us as far as he can based on the budget we have. It might not be possible to win the league at the level we stand at right now but that foundation would be the best thing any manager has left us with since the 60s. I'm exaggerating but you get my point. Ramos won us a League Cup. If you think that's better than what we have right now then please share your reasons so I can understand them.

The bench mark has been set by Poch and these players. We also know where our imperfections exist and what we need to do to improve further. I hope Levy backs him and we reach the upper echelons with Poch and he finishes what he started. If we don't, its still better than anything we've had since early 90s and the 80s. When on both occasions we won trophies with teams and players that remain iconic in our history. The perfect mix. One half of that is missing for our current crop.

I do think Spurs could easily be bought out by an owner that breaks the wage structure and then we win the league because we pay more than other clubs. 

Now let that sink in and ask yourselves if you'd be truly happy.

Modern football would suggest some fans would lap it up. If you can't beat them, join them and then beat them. It's a likely reality we might all have to accept in the future. It's sadly the only way to comfortably be competitive enough and stand a good chance to win things every season. If done right. Nothing is guaranteed. 

As discussed by regulars to this blog in the comments section, may of us have waited a lifetime for the moneyshot so at this point in our lives we just want to something tangible to celebrate. Agree? You're god damn right. We want that release. Even if it's one time. It's one more than what we currently have.

Leicester City proved that anything is possible regardless of the odds. Right now, I'd happily take a fluke. I'd even start things rolling with an FA Cup semi-final win.

With longevity in mind, do want a pocket of glory like we've managed in every decade since the 60s or do we want something we can sustain? That's the other caveat for the modern game. There is no certainty regardless of your stature. No dominant force. Everything is shared between those that have the capabilities to consistently attempt to grab the top prize. Spurs are building towards a platform which will allow us to compete in the top tier. So by virtue of this participation the odds on claiming a top prize shorten with every massive step we take.

We're in a good place regardless of the distinct lack of open bus parades. 

Once again, enjoy the perpetual journey because it's rare to ever reach the destination. Unless you've already arrived and you're happy where you've got off.



This was inspired by a recent Fighting Cock podcast + John Peddubriwny and DML community