They said what?


"Harry Kane will never make it"

"Why have we given Danny Rose a five year contract? He's not good enough. It's embrassing"

"Son isn't a forward"

"Eriksen goes missing too often. He simply cannot influence a game to ever be considered world class"

"Poch has no identifiable style"


That's what some of our own said at various points of time in the past. Too eager to be proven right in the present day, without a care for the future. 

And what of today?


"Dele Alli is limited"

"Dele Alli is over-rated"

"Dele Alli should be sold before his worth plummets" 


Football 101. When a player isn't performing to the high standard he set, then dismantle him in a blink of an eye ignoring all that made him stand tall in the first place. All to appease your self entitlement. Turn him into a conduit for blame. A scapegoat.

We've been here so many many times before.

Dele has been quietly involved but without a consistent rhythm to the levels he's capable of. There's something not quite right but it doesn't deserve the over-reaction it's getting from some quarters. Harry Kane has been there. Last season he was too eager, too methodical in his approach and forgot to simply embrace zen and allow his instincts to kick in. It can be fatigue of both physical and mental states. Confidence can disorientate a player. We as supporters can make an absolute mess of our expectancy of said player.

We should be protecting him.

I initially thought he needed benching. A little man-management. A cool-down. Allow him the opportunity to re-focus and rediscover his mojo. Perhaps player and coach are both working through instructional and positional conundrums of a tactical nature. Then it was pointed out that much like one or two other key players in the past few seasons, he's also a slow starter. Which got me thinking back to when he signed for us and I expected nothing from him and much like Poch and his side he matured and became this paragon of hope. Something quite unexpected and extravagant. 

Is it a dip of form? Complacency?Arrogance? Is he distracted? New agent? New contract? Or is he simply growing? Evolving? Adapting? Isn't it in these moments of struggle that a genuine talent rises above? As Tottenham supporters we have a responsibility to give something back to those representing us (regardless of the bane of long term loyalty - live in the present day).

But then again, we didn't back in the day with Danny Rose so I don't know why I wait to be surprised by our fanbase. Rose had little evidence in his performances to suggest he'd progress in the manner that he did. Dele on the other hand has, so you'd think there's enough there for some to support the kid without a second's though. After-all, is this what we are? To just give up immediately because it's not going the way we want it to (in the space of a handful of games)?


That's the minority that are bitching rather than Dele doing something naughty on the pitch.

As footnote, Eriksen's form dipped a while back. I might be wrong but I'm sure it perked up again once his contract was signed (I might have my timelines muddled here).

Are we (collectively) ever going to learn from the past and have a little faith rather than react like spoilt children? We appear to prefer to distort all that we process to align with whatever agenda or opinion we love to throw about. Jheeee...we call players pampered whilst we ride the storm of hypocrisy day in and day out displaying no loyalty to our own opinions let alone the likes of Dele and others.

There we have it, ladies and gentlemen. I present to you Tottenham Hotspur supporters that only exist in knee-jerk, cognitive dissonance and finality. A round of applause please. Be sure to return the same time next week for more, until infinity ends.


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