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Hola DML'ers. I'm back from what was a rather fantastical summer break to find that little has changed in the Tottenhamverse. No new signings wasn't a surprise. However what happened next was. Danny Rose dropping what he considered truth bombs has left most of us reeling, whilst others are left conflicted and thus in support of him because it supports the disdain felt for the chairman's lack of activity as the clock tick tocks.

You can easily find yourself agreeing with his standpoint on his own personal ambition and the clubs. Footballers love to be near their mums. The manner in which he delivered it to the public domain was daft. The timing was incomprehensible. In fact, if it's true and the interview was simply a day or so old before being published, then you have to question the intent. On the one hand it's a call to arms for all at Spurs, desiring more from the club (when compared to the spending of others). Then on the other it only serves to hurt the very same club. What with the season days away and Rose himself not fully fit.

He'd have spoken to his agent/PR. Let's face it. Every top tier footballer thinks about money and then considering needing even more, so the pay day suits all involved with him. It's a losing battle until we can match others but even then, that doesn't guarantee a thing (as brand is equally important with sponsorship etc and more can still be earned at giant clubs abroad).

I'll be back in full blooded motion over the weekend, have plenty I want to share. But for now, here's my immediate (Twitter) reaction (below) to the Rose horror show. Appreciate that Danny has apologised, but the damage has been done, right? The statement was probably written before Danny spoke to the red top. I know that sounds cynical (Rose is stupendous, I adore him). The alternative is that everyone inside of football is thicker than a brick. Hence why it always comes smashing through the window and scaring the sh*t out of us.


F*cking love Tottenham, f*cking hate footballers

The audacity. When was the last time be played for us and he drops this sh*t days before the new season.

It’s Danny Rose, the quiet one, TALKING TO THE F*CKING SUN. Couldn’t even make this up.

Until we can pay everyone 200k a week we’re f*cked. And we’ll still be f*cked because someone else will offer 400k and so on and so on.

Had we won the league last season, we’d still lose these players. Fighting a losing battle.

Spurs somehow still manage to produce/develop top tier talent. Create stars, profit off the pitch whilst flirting with success on it.

Keeps us going in a perpetual circle which is hard to break free from because it’s too much for players to resist moving on.

Would not surprise me if there were others thinking like Rose, inviting interest. We’ll pay off the stadium in 2 years at this rate.

As for abuse Rose got - don't disagree with him - we know football fans are mostly twats. Hand on heart, didn't think Rose was good enough.

Testament to him and Poch. His progression has been incredible. But majority are ecstatic with his evolution. Why focus on minority?

Want to know what I’m not having? That footballers aren’t thick skinned. The abuse is only relevant now as an excuse to fuel his desire.

Worst thing about this? How easily it’s all seemingly falling apart (probably and hopefully an exaggeration). Even when we are so close…

…we find ourselves far away again. Best side we’ve had, almost there and the very things that give us hope take it away.

Poch is quality, no doubt the most important factor at our club, but man needs to bullets otherwise the gun fires blanks.

That sounds like I'm suggesting Poch has weak sperm. I’m sure his sperm is magnificent.

We can blame Levy. But players we need prefer to go to City/Chelsea et al and sit on bench. Need more insight on £ and wage structure.

Can’t stand in way of a footballer wanting something different to what they have. Maybe disruptive element to it is unavoidable.

Rose has been honest, right? But execution is a f*cking mess. He’s punished all of us for the indiscretions of the few.

Still makes no difference. Wanting out diplomatically or with bitterness ends up with the same conclusion.

Every now and then we fall apart.

If footballers like Rose owe us nothing then the disparity between supporter loyalty and footballers only serves to mug us off.

I know, we all know how it all works. No one is naive. I don’t even expect to be surprised anymore. Yet here I am, absolutely livid.

I get it. But this ilk of honesty delivered in this manner is still massively disrespectful. Share views internally. Not publicly.

If a rival company offered me a better wage I’d bite their hands off. Thing is I don’t have thousands singing my name in the office kitchen.

Anyways, how is everyone? Ready to get tonked by Newcastle on Sunday?


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