The Secret Diary of a Blogger #002


Thursday 13th

Sat here thinking with a KFC bucket. 

Lamela. Erik Lamela. Coco.

What is he? 

£30M Bale replacement. 
Creative outlet. Struggled.
Reinvented as disciple of pressing and pushing.
Subtle touches and assists.
Jenas type cameos.
Doesn't score enough.
Doesn't do enough.
Doesn't to. But does if you look close enough, but doesn't if you look close enough to alternatives. Polarising. 
Injured. Emotionally impacted. Conspiracy this and conspiracy that.
Back at club, back in training.
Worth half the original £30M.
Critical season ahead, do well, double back up to original price.
Do well, our advantage on the pitch.
Repeat former performance, the enigma becomes nothing more than an abstract transfer error, a player that doesn't fit that attempted to fit, did so in spurts but doesn't offer the consistency others do.

Erik Lamela.

He is what?

Finger licking.