Psychologically what do we do?  

Chase Chelsea or fight to finish above Arsenal?

Is there even a distinction? 

Last campaign, we chased Leicester City then mentally gave up after WBA home draw because we knew then it was done and dusted. The beautiful and flawed implosion at Stamford Bridge was pride lost that settled it forever.

Do we take it one game at a time? Always look up and ignore what's behind us? 

Do we chase the top regardless of the team sat there? Are we going to seek to prioritise the league games because of all of the above and sacrifice the domestic cup and European congestion?

Is chasing a bigger prize more important than winning a smaller one?

It's a no brainer, right?

With football being as much about mentality as it is physicality, perhaps there is a distinction. Last season, it broke us, when we realised the chase was over. This year we've matured and retained discipline in approach meaning (hopefully) we're going to be self-aware and ooze professionalism. The latter is essential if the team are going to correct the ills of finishing third. Although the final position was nothing more than bragging rights.

You can't finish third in a two horse race when you were second when the two horse race ended. 


Answers in the comments section below.

Mine? Let's just beat Liverpool and the next game will look after itself. 


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