A game that could have gone either way goes their way thanks to simplicity. A direct ball, a lapse in defence. Wallop. Should have ended 0-0. Ends with 0 points and a hard jab to the gut. We’re left chasing again. Utd and City will focus on each other. Perhaps there’s redemption on the horizon, what with next weekends tasty fixtures, whilst we entertain Crystal Palace at Wembley. Got to handle Madrid there first on Wednesday.

Would Harry Kane have made the difference at OT? Absolutely, no doubt about it. Take the best player out of any side and there’s a degree of adaption required. The home side adapted with a little more comfort than us.

This was still us competing in the top tier. Make no mistake about it, we’re still going to be deeply involved. Utd will saviour this as a massive three points. Bastards. We just didn’t have that incisive edge where it mattered. Much like them, we had chances. They took their best one.

It’s ultimately disappointing that we once more come away with nothing against a rival away from home. Got to fix that. Today it came down to a little luck (translated: he who errs loses).

I’m gutted. Don’t have much more to say.

The laptop will back with me shortly, so more extensive blogs will return next week. It’s been tricky scribbling these down on a smartphone.

Hopefully Tottenham will give me something truly worth writing about. For now, gonna smack Guillem Balague’s book on my head to make me feel a little better.

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