Don’t fear the fear


Real Madrid Champions League Group stage record of past five years.

29 games. 22 wins. 7 draws. 

Last defeat in 2012. 


The Welsh wizard won’t be playing. We’ll miss Ben. I guess the stats above nullify our expectations for getting a result on Tuesday evening. Maybe that’s the reason I don’t fear the occasion and the potential to be drained of emotion as I chew through my hand. It’s easy for me to think this way, as a spectator. Perhaps riskier for our players to be equally fearless. This isn’t Stoke away. Regardless, this is going to be fascinating. 

So best not to hide and simply face it all head on. Fortune favours the brave even if the brave can be slapped for their naivety. Rather be brave than settling for self preservation. No shame in defeat if you endeavour to land some punches. 

At the time of writing Rose and Mousa are travelling and training. Woof. All eyes on Poch and his tactics and then in the aftermath, how we prepare and lineup for the challenge of Liverpool. 

Hoping for something fully COYS, away and home.