Follow up to the  ill-communication blog:

The reason we feel the way we do is because this time, it should have been easy for us to finish above them. It should have been an epilogue to a great story. 

It doesn't undermine our accomplishments this season. It does however sully them in the present moment. No echo of glory here. Thankfully time devours all. Apart from Arsene Wenger. That **** never goes away.

An Arsenal fan over at football365.com (via their mails section) made some salient points on what we all know and choose to ignore. It's what they also know and many of them obsessively refuse to even contemplate. Here's the post in its entirety:

It's pretty much what I've been saying for a few weeks now. The above could be anyone's opinion to be fair, Spurs or Arsenal or any given neutral. It makes sense when considered objectively without bias.

We can't however ignore the critical mess of our physical and mental breakdown in the last game and one or two before. And in terms of Spurs never actually leading the title race...well, blame Leicester for that. Also blame any club that might have sat top and bottled it. The race would have been far more competitive if more teams were involved. We forced our way in, gate-crashed. Others with an open invitation failed to turn up.

After the fact, when winning it was no longer possible, we collectively switched off. Muscle memory faded, action (for the first time) failed to match our words. Football is easier to play when there's no pressure and nothing at stake. Just ask Newcastle United.

I'm still bitter/angry/pissed off with how it's ended. We all have the right to be. Truly feels like a curse. You wouldn't suffer this in any other wake of life and yet here we are. We'll dust off and do it all again. Why? Because that's football, you accept the heartbreaks with the good times and you rationalise as much as you can to dull the pain. 

Are you going to let one or two disappointing results ruin the countless positive ones? That's results on and off the pitch. I'm more gutted that we didn't beat them lot at the Lane, more so than anything else this season. 

Enough for now. I'm done (again).

I'm cleansing. Another day and I'll be fully recovered.

Time to move on.