Just when I thought


Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in.

Bournemouth H
Man Utd H
West Brom H
Southampton H

There's simply no room left for another blip.

This is the end game. We've got points in the bag but winning our next one is vital considering that others might yet experience a blip of their own. However, nothing can be left to chance. It's a cliché, but if we win our games then we've done all we can. It's consolidation time for all the hard grafting we've put in up until this point.

Most still involved will argue their fixture list is tricky. We might argue that we're being stretched a little in terms of squad energy. It's been an incredible season of growth and reconstructing identity. Falling apart now because of tiredness thanks to our excursions isn't really an excuse I could handle. Everyone is in a similar position. There are no easy games.

There's the mental dynamic to all of this too. The closer we get to the last couple of games the closer someone gets to planting a flag on the summit. Physicality aside, it's going to be about game-changing, match-winning moments. Even if the standard of our press and run degrades a little, the desire to want and find a way through has to retain a sense of supreme focus. It could all come down to a single point. Even goal difference. That's if Leicester City decide to make things interesting and drop a point or three.

Do you get stick for using the words 'belief' and 'believe'? Do you think Mauricio Pochettino is reaching into the realms of fantasy when he cities 'dream' when calling supporters to do so with the title in mind? It's psychology. Human nature. You might have the ability, experience or the talent to achieve a particular goal but that won't stop you getting into the zone, reassuring and motivating yourself. It might not hold any weight in the pragmatic world because it isn't something you can see on a heat map or statistical breakdown. It's a controlled emotional state where you channel everything that exists in your head through your body. Granted, sometimes the body doesn't have anything left to give. Then again, we've never had it so fit.

If you live your life consumed by practicalities then you'd never have wanted Poch as our coach and would have probably gone for someone with a CV - because there's nothing to prove Poch can be a success when others have already achieved it.

If football isn't mostly about faith and losing your f*cking mind as normality distorts and fragments into a million pieces, then I'm not sure what is. It's more religious than anything you could translate from a dead sea scroll. It's still scientific in its application. Much like everything we know about the universe is theoretical we deem it to be more or less true because we're sat here on a rock in orbit around a sun. It's undeniable. Spurs just need to avoid getting hit by an Asteroid.

That's not to dismiss there's plenty of logic behind the maddening excitement and anticipation and nerves. There's just little necessity to lose yourself in the structure because you'll miss out on being unequivocally immersed in what it's all about; Loving Tottenham Hotspur. We're in this position not because we just happen to believe it. We're in this position because we're good enough to be here. Believing is the confidence that glues it all together.

Most things are over analysed and discussed with microscopic retentiveness. We know what our strengths are and where we need to improve. We've quite possibly over-achieved but compared to past rebuilds, you can't dispute that Spurs aren't in good nick. That if there was ever an opportunity to give it a go, this was it. Who cares about the January transfer window, ENIC or the cup games when we are this close. This is everything Bill Nicholson would want. This isn't quite 1961. It's neither 1985. It's whatever we want it to be. Glory or a glorious echo. Some would say there's no difference.

You might wish to bemoan the cup exits. The grab for success we find ourselves in is no different to lusting after a Cup final. Both can end in tears. The flip side will leave you feeling all fizzy between the legs. Not winning the league isn't a waste of resources and ambition. The game is about silverware but how can you possibly think not wanting and attempting to finish top isn't the pinnacle of everything?

When was the last time we were this involved and in with a chance? You can't discount its importance. No matter what happens. With eight games left it's bigger than chasing a cup. This is the whole point and in my life-time (85 aside and tentatively in 87) we haven't honestly accepted we can do it.

Onwards and onto the next one against Bournemouth at the Lane.

Although it would be very Tottenhamish to win 3-0 on Thursday night and go to extra-time.