Loved the quotes post-Watford win from both Quique Sanchez Flores and our leader Mauricio Pochettino.

Flores citied that it was 'completely impossible' to advance against Spurs at times. 'High quality, high velocity, very technical'. This is Tottenham he's talking about. Sure, he's saying it as the boss of a promoted side but let's not look to diminish everything achieved this season. We deserve the plaudits and we can lap them up because unlike prior Spurs sides that had great players this one is a greater team. We're not getting giddy and over-rating ourselves on the pitch. Gone is the mental fragility.

Plaudits, hype, whatever...it doesn't impact us detrimentally. Such is the strength of unity within the club. They just get on with it. The boys of White Hart Lane - a smash hit in the early 80s - finally has a sequel.

Poch made me float away with his words:

"Our supporters were brilliant - the patience they showed was great. The energy from them was brilliant so thank you to them!
We have the youngest squad in the Premier League and we're proud of them and the character they show.
I'm happy for Kieran we have a strong squad. We can pick different players but play the same way."

No, not those words. They're good, but these ones are better:

"In football, belief is the most important. If we believe, it can happen.
It's (the title) better not to speak. Most important thing is to do. It's real we are in a very good position but need to keep working, and don't think too much"

There it is again. That word. Belief. It's that extra dimension, the fuel that can push you just a little bit further ahead. Whatever happens this season, the graft so far and the mentality instilled will allow us to keep on performing at this level and aim for the next.

I'm buzzing. If this core is retained and improved on - there is no limit.

I'm not even on drugs right now. Only need to re-watch any recent Match of the Day to get high.

It doesn't stop here. More Poch making love to my ears:

"We are different people now [compared to the past]. We live in present and the group of players and staff, and the club and the president and supporters believe we are strong. [They all believe] we can compete in different competition and win every game.
"We show we have a winning mentality and I think to speak about the past is not fair. [It is not fair] because from the beginning of the season we show our supporters we can get success from this season."

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the new definition of Spursy.

All of the above.