Pochettino: "If you believe and people can see that you believe, in that moment you start to win the battle.”


Sometimes you just have to hope, dream and have faith because in terms of football application or tactics or physicality - you're on level pegging or thereabouts with those around you. So what gives you the difference? Where do you gain an edge on your opponents? With every single player believing they can be better than any given player of all the other teams.

Now add to it the belief from the stands and you have something that transcends. There has to be confidence in what you do otherwise, what exactly are you doing? Waiting to beat the opposition because on paper you should?

Football isn't just this mechanical blueprint with set guidelines that don't allow you to deviate when building from your design. It's similar to when you have a truly special player. There's probably little difference between him and a counterpart in terms of fitness and conditioning.

But in terms of instinct and vision? That's all in the mind.

Sometimes it's a spontaneous flash of genius. Completely unplanned and in the moment creating a moment. Or it's a swagger, a borderline arrogance. A battle cry warning those that look on that they should fear what's about to come for them. You need to front it and you have to do so because it's your natural stance. This is the fuel that drives the mind over matter. This is the difference.

Without belief you have nothing.

All hail the catalyst of change Mauricio Pochettino.