Talk about it


Depression never just goes away, you just learn to live with it, manage it. Box it away in a corner of your mind. Spent too long doing that cliched thing, not opening up and talking about it. Cliched and yet the universal default for so many people, especially men. We don't talk about our problems. I would not want anyone to experience the depths I found myself in. Reaching out saved me but it was desperate and lucky.

All sounds Dramatic, right? It was and I could have made it easier if I attempted to fight back sooner. Easy to say that now. As difficult as it was, opening up was an incredible release. Maybe I was very lucky that I fell on my feet (had a few more bumps along the way) but my daughter has anchored me to life and I'm grateful for those that supported me to take back control. F*ck letting go now.

One or two reading this might cringe, might think it's a bit awkward. That's the problem. Depression is a disease, admitting you have it is deemed by many as a weakness. Some dismiss it because they feel strong enough they won't ever suffer it. Talking about it is still taboo for many. So talk about it.