Old skool


The Fighting Cock podcast is into its 5th season now. Not bad for something created during a drunken on-line chat session without having met my fellow protagonists previously. We recorded in pubs and a bedroom before finding home in a Vintage clothes shop. DIY engineering at its unprofessional best. Over a million downloads. Gully. But that isn't even the best thing that's come out of it all.

The fanzine is.

It's also into its fifth 'season'. We're talking about old skool blogging here, words on paper, from some of the most talented writers social has birthed. And me. But don't fret, The fanzine (unlike this blog) has an editor. I wrote a piece for it involving Michael Carrick.

That paper the words are printed on comes in thick textured rough touch 'natural feel'. It's full colour throughout (unless it was our choice not to). It's positive and thought-provoking no matter how sh*t we get. It's basically evergreen, so the content is written in a way that means it always stays relevant.

Best thing about it? No pop-up adverts, trolls or ITK.

Highlights of Issue Five

  • Anthony Lombardi on the what makes a Tottenham goalkeeper great
  • Aaron Wolfe finds that the individuals are not as important as the team
  • Zino Citium relives Ossie’s trip to Wembley
  • Spooky finds an unlikely saviour in Michael Carrick
  • Will Colwell asks why only some players become greats of the Lane


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