Not that bothered by the cup? Don't fret, neither were the managers judging by the starting line-ups.

The game is about glory? Nah, that tag-line is just there to sale merchandise. The game is about fixture management. It's a derby, it's Arsenal. Surely play your strongest side today and *** whatever tomorrow brings. Alas no. We have to mix and match, think about fitness and how it all pans out with the next game in mind. Granted, I can hardly be surprised we did just that thanks to having a squad that isn't within touching distance of the elite of the league and their army of world class richness but still, it grates. It festers deep in the dirty underbelly of frustration that we have to flesh the team out around the likes of Kane and Dier and be left relatively lacklustre.

This North London derby was a bit like a boxing match up where the two opponents decide to spar rather than fight. The tempo and spirit doesn't match the one the supporters live for. But then again plenty of Spurs fans will probably write the result off and dismiss the relevance of this particular cup (even if it's a decent route to Wembley). The gooners will have enjoyed as much of the experience as they can inside White Hart Lane before taking a pasting outside.

It should be about beating them lot. About humiliating them. Any God given chance to do it even if it's just endeavour and not at all realistic. It's the definitive game. It should not be about trying to navigate around the tie like it's an obstacle. Or surrendering it like we've done in the past (remember the 1-4 in the same competition?)

Yes, there was a bit of intensity at times and their goals were also avoidable in terms of the quality of the defending and Kane's lack of luck continues where another inch forward would have seen him score. Hardly memorable. Completely forgettable when an old timer notches a brace against you.

I don't know.

**** it.

Is City at home really more important? Three points against a club that could field a reserve line-up and still beat most teams. Yes it is. Don't take my word for it. You've seen all the evidence for yourself.

This is the scourge of football. Games being boxed up into levels of importance and priority. Half the time we're accepting of it. But for this game? At this point in the (early) season? What a waste.