Weather forecast: Cloudy, but Son expected soon


Heung-Min Son:

“I’ve trained with both feet so I can use them freely. Bold and daring – this is how I like to try to play.”

Bold and daring. That's something we've lacked in abundance. At home against Everton we had plenty of endeavour but resembled an old man with dentures attempting to eat his way through a well done steak. Our lack of bite remains the continued narrative of this fledgling season. Is Son going to give us cutting edge? I think so. His form in the Bundesliga proves he has Premier League end product compatibility. We simply didn't take our chances on Saturday. We've not had that much luck. We deserved something positive out of the game rather than getting the opposite, like when making mistakes against Stoke and Leicester.

The lack of genuine width remains a bane. Full-backs are inverting rather than looking to stretch and support. Our movement was good but because of the lack of buzz in and around the box we didn't test and pressure the Toffeemen enough.

Son (stolen from Bayer Leverkusen) has goals in him. He's got two excellent feet, can create but is more effective pushed up then sitting deep. He doesn't favour any particular position, capable of shifting from the right, left, upfront or off the main striker. Don't take my word for it, this is all from the horses mouth.

What he possess is that spark. That ability to ignite. It's something we lack with our current squad. Christian Eriksen provides vision and can dictate the final third tempo but only Harry Kane has that explosiveness about him. Eriksen is injured. Kane is searching for his first goal to cradle his confidence. We are limited. But now we're not completely reliant on the single outlet (like the final days of Gareth Bale). Add Clinton N'jie into the mix and we have pace and attacking options giving us more than the single dimension with our approach work.

Mauricio Pochettino's tactics can hopefully begin to take a more solid form. Better fluidity for a start so that we're not constantly jogging down the same single route every game. Players like Son (and hopefully others to follow) will encourage more guile from the team. Producing something out of nothing is another trait requiring inspiration.

We still need a defensive midfielder to make sure we don't surrender too much of the ball and keep ye old recycling of possession going in the opposite direction to our back four. Add another forward (Saido Berahino?) and we pretty much have what we should have had before the first game of the season.

Kane, N'jie, Berahino cover the striking options (with Emmanuel Adebayor likely to finally escape his meta imprisonment on Instagram). That DM role will be pivotal in completing our spine that will aid in rediscovering our missing style. Not too sure what to make of the Axel Witsel rumour. He's a box to box midfielder with attacking traits (although hardly prolific). The tick tock countdown of deadline day is getting louder by the minute.

Son will seek to bring the shine back to Tottenham. For the moment, I'll bask in the arrival of a very good player that is far more suited to the Premier League than some of our previous summer signings.