One stadium, two pitches


Visual evidence (okay, it's just an artists impression) of the difference between the Premier League grass pitch and the NFL surface. The important detail? There isn't a detrimental gap between the stands and the playing field for when Tottenham are playing. It's about as intimate as it can get. We're not quite in bed spooning the players but it's hardly comparable to the Olympic Stadium which in comparison is akin to sleeping in the next room all alone.

The retractable pitch will be in use twice per season for American Football. It might also come into effect on other occasions (non-sporting) held at the ground (be it entertainment or otherwise). I'm struggling to find much to bemoan so far. The outside of the ground also looks set to be a good balance of old and new as the shiny second home of the famous Spurs takes hold of what is mostly a run down high street.

The sky walk is a nice gimmick. A walk to the roof of the stadium for a view of the majestic landscape of Haringey. White Hart Lane and its battered old look will still be missed. It's what we all know. It's home away from home. During the first season I'm sure we'll sell out most games if not all - the excitement, the buzz will be unparalleled. It's a new chapter in our history and to get over the loss of WHL were going to have to make the new place feel special on match-days.

Second and third seasons and beyond (depending on the on-field success) might see more tickets available for category b and below games, based on how other clubs have suffered after the hype has settled. I'm also curious to see how the season ticket waiting list diminishes when the move happens and how many purchase one when offered. I gave up mine (after 10 years) but will almost certainly seek to return in the next three seasons when life outside of football allows me the freedom of escape. That's if I don't have another episode of disillusionment and Spurs don't name the new ground The StubHub Stadium.

Good vibes then. Hope it continues into the season and we can all focus on the football for once, with no Archway and no take over nonsense to deflect us from what really matters; Ballsing it up in all competitions like only we can.


SpookyNew Stadium, NDP