Maddeningly numb


Is it too early to write up a season review?

Weeks back I hinted at the possibility of accumulating a fair tally of points in our remaining fixtures and now I couldn't care less. With each passing game I'm looking out for another Harry Kane goal and not a lot more. I support Pochettino tinkering and changing in preparation for decision time come the summer when we'll off load several players and buy replacements that actually fit this yet to be birthed philosophy we're waiting to see. That's the plan right? That's what we're planning on doing yeah? Anyone?

I'm pretty certain if I list our players and do that thing where I note which ones should stay and which will go, the latter will out score the former. It's not all doom and gloom. No really, it isn't. I'm anticipating change with our transfer policy with Paul Mitchell (head of recruitment and my new go to man for the future) redefining how we seek to target players and perhaps we'll get an indication of what Franco Baldini is useful for. I can't believe for a second the club (owners) are not equally gutted about how the past two seasons have stagnated. Plenty of reflection for all. Still, in amongst the soul searching our current problems have a lot to do with the gradual dismantlement of world class players that have left in recent years. We've never recovered from Luka.

I'm going to guess that the one getting it in the neck (on social media, where I remain exiled) is Poch. Always found it intriguing how our fanbase can lust for the blood of the chairman, blaming him for the managerial headaches but then decide the coach should take responsibility even though he's stuck in the same cursed structure the club has farmed for years. I genuinely believe we get what we deserve. If our criticisms are flaky then don't expect more from our football club. If I'm wrong then I'll find out when I'm back on Twitter (I'll continue in the pretence that I can stay away forever).

Poch isn't beyond questioning much like any given player but when Harry Kane is made captain (which is great for the kid) it all seems a little experimental in the grand scheme of the season and it's ever nearing conclusion. What I mean is, the season is done and dusted so why not **** around a bit with selection and team instructions? Why not. Granted same are due to injuries.

This season has been about finding out who has what it takes and sadly most of the £100M spent don't have it. Which will disappoint Daniel Levy, although I'm certain he'll find willing clubs to take certain players without too much of a detriment to our fiscal fortitude. At least we can't dispute the fact we've invested in getting the best out of our academy players. Sign players for £20M +, play them, drop them then chuck in the yoofs.

We do have a spine. Not too dissimilar to Bruce Wayne's when Bane broke it. We have players that I'm more than happy with to retain and nurture. The ones that have disappointed and frustrate have to be axed, with perhaps (Lamela) one or two surviving for one more season.

It's always been a question of balance. We are always on the brink of progress or crisis. This is Spurs and drama is constantly set to high. On this occasion, there is no real drama beyond the meltdowns and scapegoating. Just boring but functional rewiring of the THFC hemisphere. Rhythm, spatial awareness, imagination and dimension equally important on or off the pitch.

We'll know if the change will be one of positivity once the summer kicks in and we begin to see departures and arrivals.

Until then, every game is just another obstacle. Although I won't shy away and pretend I won't be watching (Villa, Sherwood; this will break the internet). Next season (trademarked) will allow us a far more solid base for criticism (and tangible hope) compared to the existing one that remains maddeningly numb.