and the winner is...


The rise and rise of Harry Kane continues after the striker claimed the PFA Young Player of the Award and was second placed for Player of the Year, losing out to Eden Hazard who lost out to Kane for the award he won. Don't think too hard about how one player can pip the other for honours they were both nominated'll make you dizzy.

With Harry getting his hands on silverware I thought it only fair to note some other honourable mentions from our squad.


Most Improved Player of the Year - Danny Rose

When Rose agreed to a new 5 year deal the reaction from some quarters was embarrassing. Spurs fans do love a little self-deprecation. It's a trusted defensive mechanism when having to witness another season capitulate. But to mock and scapegoat are traits I wish we'd leave in the depths of our mind. Some rival fans can often often over-rate their players, almost crowning them as kings when a jester would be more apt. Rose was never afforded such gallantry. He was a player in desperate need of discipline and development. What Mauricio Pochettino and his coaches have done is worthy of applause. Rose has dug deep and got on with it and that should not be ignored. He might never be a king but he's hardly a jester.

Player most likely to join Real Madrid - Hugo Lloris

Daniel Levy was relentless in signing Hugo, so much so, at the time you could almost imagine the Lyon chairman surrendering in tears. I'm sure the 20% cut of any future transfer will dry up that sad face if our French shot-stopper ever seeks to move on. He cost around £11M or so and will bring in double that. The only reason there is even a debate about him not being world class is because he plays for Spurs. Many in football don't like using that description for someone that isn't associated with the likes of Chelsea, United or City. History will nod towards Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. Florentino Pérez (Madrid's president) will nod towards Levy. I think we're in safe hands for another season. Whether you agree or disagree about Lloris being world class, he's imperative. Our most consistent performer and saves points at the back like Harry Kane can wins at the front.

Best Supporting Player - Roberto Soldado

We've had plenty of misfiring strikers down the years. Soldado reminds me of Sergi Rebrov, a player I wanted desperately to succeed. Rebrov was a nice chap. Too nice perhaps and  definitely not cut out for life on the field in England. Our Spaniard is no different. Apologetic and the master of making the simple look impossible. Then again, without him Harry Kane's ascension might not have been so grand. Roberto can share this award with Emmanuel Adebayor.

The Michael Dawson award for being a little bit like Michael Dawson - Federico Fazio

Out went the vocally dependable Dawson and in came Fazio with less noise from the mouth but the occasional reminder of what we lost when Daws left. Fazio makes less mistakes but plays so little you tend to remember all of them.