Don't rage quit


'Spurs need big summer', so says our head coach Mauricio Pochettino when discussing the challenge of competing for Champions League qualification. Stating that we need a big summer (of transfer activity) has pretty much become our tagline. Let's be completely honest, every summer is big because we always appear to be on the cusp of something better than we have. But instead of flying high into the sky like Superman, we end up embracing a massive rock of kryptonite.

Every summer is big because the natural progression of first team development means you have to strengthen to improve on the quality possessed and to remain competitive with the teams that sit above us - the ones that will always be able to pluck Europe's finest transfer targets ahead of the non-Champions League elite.

When you think you might have a decent starting eleven and bench, the course of a season reveals imperfections along with errors of judgements. Some players excel beyond expectation, some don't, meaning focus on certain key positions switches to other areas of the field. In addition, the philosophy or style might encourage a new type of player to inject a missing dimension to our player.

It's pretty much like playing a video game. You control the protagonist and as you work your way through the open world that stands before you, levelling up is required in order to face the challenges as they get more difficult the further you delve into the game.

Much like a video game, we've had plenty of stagnation. As an Oilgarch modification isn't available for us, there is no cheat mode. But that's no excuse to be the very best we can be with what we can purchase. Spurs have always had a way of signing gems that give us those dimensions that elevate not just the football but the momentum of our desire to get in amongst the top tier of the league.

We all know the Gareth Bale money wasn't spent with a genuinely believable blueprint in place. We have a chance now to make sure our upgrades bring balance and depth. I'm still not sold on the idea that the Europa League is a helpful distraction. Especially with the possibility of a July start to that campaign.

Pochettino wants Champions League. I'd much prefer to have silverware but his point is that if you're competing for a top four place then you'll likely to be strong enough to win cups but also start attracting those players that generally remain untouchable in the stratosphere above us.

We are seven points adrift of fourth spot. If our home form wasn't so erratic I'd wager we'd be sat there ourselves or maybe even third. Those teams above us are struggling with their own state of flux. It's encouraging but at the same time if they improve the gulf will be far more tricky to get across.

It's a big summer for sure. It's one where the mistakes of the Bale windfall will have to be put right. No pressure then Spurs. It's time we completed this game and avoided another rage quit.