Give us something


As much as I can't shake off the feeling that Spurs are already on their summer holidays, it would be nice if one or two positive things happened between now and the end of the season. If anything, just to give us some hope for the next campaign or at the very least make us smile and give us reason to remember the good times from this headache inducing Spurscoaster of a season.


Kane to score 30 + goals

The shining light in amongst all the darkness. Things are not that bad for Spurs, but the frustration festers deep in another trademarked transitional season. Harry Kane's ascension has been nothing short of miraculous. Academy player that has risen from the bench to leading the team as captain. Sure, it might be a PR stunt of sorts to give him the armband but it says plenty about the fragility of leadership within the club. That isn't a dig at Harry. He has heart, spirit and the willingness to better himself. Some of our seasoned experienced players lack this in abundance. It would be fitting for him to notch up 30 goals, if only because nobody would have ever predicted such an achievement in pre-season.


Eriksen to rekindle his spark

Momentum has been all but lost from our creative outlet. Christian Eriksen has dipped whilst his shooting accuracy has sky rocketed above and beyond the woodwork. He's young and we knew about his inconsistency (from his Ajax days) but where's the spark gone? Playing out on the left is something often debated when discussions about a more central role are mooted. Does it matter what his starting position is? Luka Modric often drifted in from that flank. Gareth Bale also. Eriksen initially struggled with identity when Mauricio Pochettino arrived and emphasis was placed on pressing the opposing side. He found his form but I believe the structure around him is imperative to rekindling it. Might be an over simplified opinion this, but if our side retains balance out wide and the midfield are able to offer protection then Eriksen sat centrally would be far more comfortable than one that drifts in. He's neither Modric or Bale and his inconsistency has to be worked on. Having a consistent role (not heavy on defensive duties) would aid him.


Lamela to shine (for at least 15 minutes)

When Erik Lamela plays well it's because he's following Pochettino's instructions to press and hassle the opposition players. I'm a traditionalist and when you spend £25M on a flair player you'd hope to see more than a rabona. Franco Baldini's jewel in the crown from the £100M spending spree remains a lump of coal. Lamela might yet turn out to be completely unsuited to Premier League football. It isn't just the matter of bulking up, it's a mindset that has to be forged in battle so he's able to conquer. I'd like to see him set free. I know that might turn out to be a chaotic mess of naivety but it'll be worth it for another rabona. Influencing the game in the final third, at the moment, remains a far more fantastical demand.




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