Spurs to have derby win rescinded after Liverpool loss


Tottenham Hotspur are set to have their stunning 2-1 North London derby win revoked from the record books after failing to beat Liverpool at Anfield on Tuesday evening. The Gunners sparked victorious scenes in their home match against Leicester City that sees them race an insurmountable two points ahead of their deadly rivals.

A poll of morality on the Premier League's website saw 98% of voters agree that Mauricio Pochettino's side should no longer be perceived as having won their game against Arsene Wenger's team because they lost their next one.

"The public have spoken", said a spokesman for the FA. "The result from Saturday's clash is no longer valid and we're seeking to make it void. Tottenham have only themselves to blame. If you win one day and lose the next then it makes the previous result redundant".

Wenger himself has welcomed the suggestion that the three points from the game played at White Hart Lane should now be awarded to them.

"I feel that this is important for our spirit. Our desire to win this game five days after its ended is fantastic ", said the Arsenal manager.

Pochettino's rattled side face further controversy after photographs of Harry Kane in Arsenal colours went viral last week suggesting that Kane might have been lobotomised in what one prominent Arsenal blogger remarked as "...an insidious crime perpetuated by Spurs to kidnap and brainwash one of our own for induction into their academy".

Spurs have declined to comment.


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