Tottenham 3 Norwich 0

Belated Merry Christmas. No turkey served up at White Hart Lane although Tottenham did get to slice up Norwich.

It was truly a festive Boxing Day to remember what with the stuffing our neighbours got and the humbug misery the 'man with the golden CV' is receiving as Man Utd boss. Guess we should be thankful that Mauricio Pochettino's resume is a work in progress and so far one that makes good reading. Santa has delivered this year. Alas, the maddening congestion of December continues and we might yet find our spirits depleted with visits to Watford and Everton. It's a gruelling fixture list but one that excites.

I'll keep it short and sweet.

Love the fact that for the second game running we've found that second killer goal. We've contained and countered with force and awareness that prior, by failing to do so, applied pressure on any perceived stranglehold we appeared to have. Another successful learning curve on display with evidence of maturity to consolidate it.

Love Harry Kane for continuing to dispel second season syndrome. The goal that gave him his brace sums up his ability when it's in full flow, twisting away looking for seconds. No necessity to think about it - just the instinct to do it. Wonderful movement and placement. Hark back to early season when his frustration owned his composure. As difficult as it was, we've got to be thankful it happened. He was tested. He found a way through. He's a better player for it but then I never doubted his fortitude. He wants to win. He leads by example. The only thing that got 'found out' was the theory he'd get found out. Harry doesn't hide. He dishes out hidings; 27 league goals in the 2015.

Love our defensive record and our goal difference. It's surreal. Back back away from me now! Don't you dare try pinching me. I'm awake, this ain't no dream. Hugo Lloris keeps pulling off the reflex saves making what he does just as vital to our backline as Kane is to the frontline.

Love Dele Alli. All round action man in this game. Still only a kid, so when he does perform like this then imagine how good he might be in a couple of seasons when he's developed further. In this particular imagining he's still playing for us and not City. Testament to the training and coaching that he's slotted in so well and linked up with Harry with such comparative ease. He's raw and sometimes overly eager, but then I'd rather he'd be that for us than out on loan.

Love that we could have scored more. Tom Carroll got our third with a great hit. Erik Lamela might have had a couple himself. One was a rabona attempt, the other a case of too many cooks spoil the broth. In the end, we got a convincing home win to bury the memories of the Newcastle loss and keep us smiling into the weekend and beyond.

We're about to hit the month of January and regardless of what happens in the next two games we all know everything goes to hyperbole hell in the New Year when once again attention will focus on Daniel Levy and transfer acquisitions. We've been lucky so far. Sort of. Clinton N'jie is out for up to three months. Son has struggled to rediscover his initial impact since returning from injury. Hate to use the cliché that he'll be like a new signing when he does, but he'll be like a new signing when he etc etc.

Another striking option will be grand and for the sake of solidifying what we have and really giving it a proper go - it would not make good business if we decided against covering our backs. Yes, we're building something and we might yet be a season or two away from being a finished article but football is cruel and what you wish to become someday doesn't mean you'll peak your potential and get there. So hopefully we'll be as good as we can be in the present and if we're good enough we might achieve something earlier than expected. If we don't, echo of glory and all that. It's in our blood.

The Premier League persists with its identity crisis as we appear to be one of a select few that have redefined our own. Keep on going Tottenham. Keep doing what you're doing and if the ones around us struggle to accept their reflection then those broken mirrors that curse them can only bring us luck.