The Void


Tottenham informed us the other day that the CPO hearing is delayed until Feb. Spurs shared ambiguity with their statement, concerning the reasons for the re-arranged date. Archway have now released their version of events by suggesting Spurs are responsible thanks to their failure to provide information the High Court requested. Disclosure was made far too late for the courts to prepare in time.

Here's the statement. Lots of words, little action from all involved.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the infinite void of nothingness that is ENIC v Archway. I'd ask you to get comfortable whilst the self-preservation, conspiracies and deflection kick up a notch but I'm pretty sure most of you are deep in coma. Unlike some, I don't feel like I need to be picking a side. Believe it or not, you don't have to select one or the other. This isn't football, it's land development.

ENIC are supposedly dragging their heels on purpose (really?) whilst Archway are probably only guilty of wanting a decent pay off. Spurs - the owners - will win in the end. A single remaining business sat in the middle of purchased and flattened land isn't going to stop the stadium from being built. I've seen 'Up'. The Josif family may as well tie loads of balloons on their roof and let the wind guide them all the way back to Cyprus.

The delay in the development is stopping others from working and earning money. Not forgetting Archway themselves and their lose of revenue due to suffering an attack on their property and not wanting to be bullied and pushed out (if the narrative they offer is accepted). Then consider the pubs and local shops that will experience a possibly soul destroying wasteland when Spurs move away for a season or two when the stadium work begins. No matter where you look, nothing appears to be fair or just. This isn't a Disney movie. More like a Hammer horror when the Irons move into the Olympic Stadium before we've laid a brick.

None of us our privy to whatever might have been offered by Spurs. Maybe it's Archway doing the dragging. It's almost certain that both Spurs and Archway are protecting themselves, even to the point of being detrimental to finding a satisfactory conclusion.

So, thanks for the clarification Archway. Makes a change from re-tweeting Arsenal fans. Seriously though, we don't need anyone pointing out the issue of transparency to us. Here's me thinking you were Spurs fans.


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