One final salute


13 days into January and still no movement from Spurs in the transfer window. Plenty of rumours. I still have to laugh at the 'swap deal' stories. Do these ever play out? 'We'll have that player, we'll give you these two'.

The expected (major) departure would be Adebayor's with a Parma deal currently stalling over his wage demands. Kyle Naughton a slightly less dramatic exit, according to the newsfeeds. Both deals currently just words on websites.

So Ade to finally leave? Why? Why not.

How many last chances is he going to get to embrace what has been a fallacy of consistency? He gets two every season which sort of tells you there is no such thing as a dependable Adebayor. He's a talented player, arguably the best striker at the club, yet he can't perform to a suitable level for a full season. When he's got his mojo, he's unplayable. When he doesn't he's literally unplayable. Personal problems, Juju and beanie hats...once again he's otherwise engaged, half way through the season and seeking to return. Maybe he's jinxed. Maybe there is no inherent laziness from him, just too casual too care. That's laziness, isn't it? He's just someone that can't bring balance to the force he's always threatened to be, like a distracted Jedi who prefers to use his lightsaber as a selfie-stick rather than slice up the enemy.

He's back at the club, training and smiling. The annoyance is that with only Harry Kane firing on all cylinders, we are desperate for more options for the forward line. So January can be easily explained with this in mind; We either sell him and replace the empty slot in the squad or we keep him and pray that somehow he can give us one of those redemption patches of form where he comes alive for 10/15 games. One final salute. The fact that this quantifies one of those maligned 'second chances' tells you everything you need to know about this ridiculous predicament we find ourselves in again.

I worry we have far too many players that know they don't have a future but remain our only backup options. I'm even more concerned that I'm suggesting prayer considering I'm not religious. Ade is, so maybe he can have a word with the big man upstairs and see if the little man in the directors box can fix this problem one way or the other.