No more guests


The state of the comments section of any given blog. If I'm writing for you lot I should give up. You know I dislike censorship and I don't delete posts simply because someone has called me out or has a differing opinion but it's got ugly and personal amongst the community to the point where most of you are better off setting up a forum of your own to score points off each other.

If you feel you need to post, sign up. If you can't register a Squarespace account when prompted to do so, then I suggest you sign up to Twitter. You don't need to ever use Twitter but you can use the login for it to post comments here. It means you can still retain anonymity (although remember when signing up for a Squarespace account - you don't need to add your real name).

If you do either (or use the other options available) and you wish to continue to post abhorrent nonsense, then at least you have an identity - be it a username that is static and anchored - rather this wild west where a single person is able to guest post under an infinite amount of guises. 

Let's see just how much you really value this site and how important you deem your comments. No trouble sharing them so far. The brave new world might be a little on the quiet side.

As for those that post regularly and are not guilty of crimes against comments, I apologise if you've previously got involved using the guest post option. Hope you register an account so you can continue to be involved.

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