Just a slice of it


If you couldn't get through my nigh epic length of a letter to Daniel Levy, then this 500 word condensed version might work as a quick substitute. I can't help it if you prefer the missionary position over tantric.


So here we go. It is now not very long before Tottenham Hotspur lose to West Ham United for a fourth successive time sending their marketing department into a t-shirt frenzy with a brand spanking new ‘quadruple’ edition.

What? Oh come on, this is Spurs. Expect the unexpected or expect the most obvious outcome? This isn’t me being pessimistic if that’s what you’re wondering. Or even self-deprecating. I just don’t care.

Well I do care, but not with the usual accumulation of pressure and expectancy that tends to either push me over the edge or skipping in the clouds confident that this will be ‘our season’.

There is no expectancy. Nothing. Aside from wanting to see Spurs excite me again. That’s it. That’s my preview. You want more? You want me to beef it out a little with some actual footballing insight?

I’ll try. It might be tricky as I spent most of my thought process fuel on Andre Villas-Boas and the magnificent seven signings of last seasons debacle. Quite a number of our signings have been solid rather than speculative and the former doesn’t lend to the glamour of the latter. It’s kept me grounded.

Mauricio Pochettino has inherited a squad that had failed to impress under the prior coaching tenures but has looked to add some defensive qualities to bolster the backline.

The hope here is because the emphasis will be on a high line and pressing game and we need to be quick on our feet and in our heads if we’re going to marshal the space between the midfield and the defence. This is intelligent stuff from Pochettino, supported by Franco Baldini. Back the methodology of the football with pragmatic signings. Back the coach. Buck the trend.

There are plenty of already signed marquee ‘big name’ acquisitions in the squad that require nurturing and some long standing headaches that remain unresolved.

Erik Lamela and Roberto Soldado both need to impress.

Mousa Dembele, Sandro and the maligned Aaron Lennon need to prove their worth to the squad.

Lewis Holtby needs to give us a clear definition of what type of player he is/wants to be.

The likes of Christian Eriksen and Emmanuel Adebayor must lead.

Who will be cut and sold to downsize the squad?

Pochettino has a more refined version of the Villas-Boas tactics with the added bonus we’ll attack with far more fluidity than AVB’s phantom possession play.

The young lads, especially Nabil Bentaleb, could blossom further thanks to Pochettino’s proven management of the kids at Southampton. Eric Dier might need to step up earlier than expected.

Give it time right? Without a doubt. Let the season be immerse than allow it to consume you. Our problems last season were obvious. No cohesive pattern to our play, no expression and freedom. Poch has a better set of players at Spurs (you hope) so the mistakes and the imperfections to his tactics should hopefully fade.

Yes, we could do with another striker or attack minded player, for depth and dimension. But all I desire for now is some substance to go with the style. Just a little slice of expectation then.


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