DeAndre 2015


We've officially announced the signing of the American Kyle Walker from Seattle Sounders. Rejoice then sit back and wait until 2015 for his arrival. The kid has pace. Looks decent. That's my assessment based on a game during the World Cup. Sadly I can only echo the thoughts of those that have seen him play in the MLS; he likes to get forward, attack, has potential, not perfect with the defending, bags of potential. Did I mention potential? Bags of it.

The question we'll be asking is; will he misplace those bags as often as Walker misplaces a pass or forgets about the art of positioning? To be fair, Walker improved after his season of errors but needs to have competition at right back to be able to be fully focused on being the very best player he can be. It's one of those footballing cliches we never seem to get right. Said competition won't be available until the New Year. That doesn't mean he (Walker) won't bother to nail the RB role in the mean time. Although he can't even from the off thanks to an injury - so Kyle Naughton for now is the only competitive option. Or Kaboul doing a Vertonghen.

Yedlin might be a good player, he might be very good for us in the long term but let's not discount the fact he's the perfect US poster boy for our marketing deployment over in the US of A. Levy looks to have finally given up on the South Africa project. Thoughts and prayers with Bongani Khumalo.


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