Enjoy the silence


Hola. It's been a while.

For those interested I've recently moved home and it's pretty much an experience that eats away at you physically and mentally. Although it shares the blame for the quiet time.

It's been almost two weeks since I've sat down to write about Tottenham and to be honest during that period of time I would have struggled to find anything interesting to dissect. The World Cup has been enthralling for the most part thanks to its dramatic moments whilst the summer transfer window has shown more movement than a leper at an orgy. It's threatened to penetrate but just falls apart.

Oh sure, I could have regurgitated the same stories from last week and the week before but I think we can officially denounce transfer rumours as being nothing more than traffic generating scratches of the chin.

Ben Davies and today John Stones have been linked. I couldn't care less until a player is officially announced and wearing the new Spurs shirt. Segue. I've been underwhelmed with the home shirts for a decade or so. There is always something not quite right with them. A touch of unnecessary colour. The yellow streaks have reappeared. The shirt would improved tenfold without them. Although this time round they are not streaks per se but rather strategically placed yellows that add nothing to the design other than to invoke supporters to complain.

I actually think the training t-shirt is better than the home shirt. Probably because there is no sponsor on it but also because its minimal in design. Am I going to lose sleep over yet another disconnection with our kit? Oh God no. As plenty have pointed out, the shirts always look better on the body of a six-pack owning professional footballer than it does on a beer bellied lout. Additional wise words spouted cite the fact that some shirts only become iconic because of the football played and the moments we witness with the players wearing them, like the ones from the early to mid-80s and our recent adventures acquiring and participating in the Champions League. I guess we should count ourselves lucky and be thankful we haven't released an all red away shirt which would have been as laughable as say Arsenal releasing an all white one.

Elsewhere, nothing. Southampton have been raided by Liverpool and Manchester United as big money is spent on big potential whilst the obvious connections are still being made by one and all between their ex-coach and our current one. They have a centre-back we are interested in. Third prize behind the other two parting players. A variety of youth players from the continent have been mentioned. Need to brush up on Football Manager first to confirm if they are worth burying under impossible expectations.

I said silence was golden a few months back and I'm fairly certain the tumble-weeds will be blown away by some breaking news followed by another meltdown of euphoric belief when something is actually finalised in our favour.

That's not to say I don't think about us from one day to the next. The vacant left-back (the position not Danny Rose...you make the punchline), the future of Hugo Lloris and so on. New players will be a bonus, getting something more out of the current lot is the hope. What I want certified is that we keep the ones we need to keep (the ones that tease towards being world class) and we part with anyone that is surplus. The latter is where most of the conversations are occurring with supporters, some wanting the likes of Paulinho and Soldado gone where as others are more keen on the promotion of youth. Talking of which, Kevin Stewart and Lawrence Vigouroux were released by Spurs and subsequently signed by Liverpool. Alex Inglethorpe seeing something we don't which we might have seen had he remained at Spurs. Or probably nothing more than opportunistic endeavour that might or might not pay off.

Dawson to Hull is another falling star in a universe without supernovas. Spine tingling stuff.

All of this will mean something again in a couple of weeks or so after Germany lift the World Cup. Everything Spurscentric will begin to fall into place again. Well, everything aside from the stadium development.

I'm still in sabbatical mode, so hold tight and content will start to flow once more. Much like an addict that relies on his drug supplier to make him high, blame my source material for the lack of invention. I still see it all as a positive. The lull before the low. No, that isn't right. Or maybe it is. The World Cup is a glorious distraction before we settle back into the abusive relationship we share with ye old Lilywhites.

Enjoy the silence.