Twitter is a mess this evening because them lot down the road spent a bit of money.

Get a grip.

Do our lot want us to spend more money just for the sake of having something to buzz about rather than doing business with practicality in mind? If we do any business that is (let's all cry together if we don't).

Have we learnt nothing about the cruel twist of fate that accompanies the hype? The meltdowns and serious relegation fears are nothing more than petulance and superficial tears. Can we endeavour to see if the new boss can do something with the near £100M Gareth Bale replacements before we march with pitchforks and flames? Give him the two to three games he deserves before we all default to hating him and slating the signings from last summer like we did through-out the 2014 campaign, demanding they're sold and replaced with equally expensive new ones.

We (the royal) also bang on about value for money (in amongst all the expensive acquisitions) and cite the likes of Christian Eriksen as a cheap gem but the very same shouters are bemoaning why we haven't splashed out big so far this summer. The very same that slag off the chairman (he deserves it most of the time) for not paying the asking price demanded by the selling club but then slate him for any given signing we've made where the royal jury have declared we've over spent and wasted our money.

We all know we need key signings for key positions. Pre-season is here, we're getting restless but it's doubtful any prospective and potential signing(s) are going to be detrimental to the team and its structure in terms of acclimatisation/bedding in as we're not over-hauling this time round. We did that last summer and it ruined everything. The new ones have been here for a year and have pretty much been smacked about for most of it. This up and coming set of congested fixtures must appear positively idyllic to them in comparison.

Had we signed Lamela now rather than a year ago you'd all be excited. It's going to feel like the same thing thanks to the player being ruled out for most of last term, so have a word and remember, you're Spurs. You're not a dirty gooner so who cares about their bipolar existence, or any other club for that matter.

*drops mic*