Mauricio Pochettino, welcome to the hellmouth


Well, I don't know about you, but I've perked up thanks to the worst kept secret of the past few days finally making breaking news; Mauricio Pochettino is the new Spurs head coach. Rejoice.

He has it all to do of course, to aim for the hedonistic heights claimed by the record breaking tenure of British born and non-foreigner Tim Sherwood.

Most of the pressure is on Daniel Levy, be it of the harmless and empty variety that will barely scratch his chairmanship but will be voiced by a sizeable majority if he gets trigger happy before the 5 year contract is up. If the coach is doing badly then it's going to be a no-brainer but if he isn't or if there is even a suggestion of more internal politics interfering and influencing the usual degradation - then 'off with his head' will amount to pretty much nothing and subside completely when the next victim is rolled in.

Holy s**t, I said I was perked up and look at me in this downward spiral, losing my grip on optimism. Let's try this again.

Let Pochettino earn his spurs. How's that for a saftey shot?

He might not have a CV to match some of the other alleged contenders (there was five? we're meant to believe there was five genuine options?) but his style of football (attacking, pressing) and the good-feel factor he generates amongst his squads suggests he does - on paper and in practicality - have the necessary ingredients to make us all smile again. Make us proud and reclaim some much needed redemption after a couple of seasons of rationalising and lack of viable footballing progress. That's both on and off the field. Don't underestimate the power of being in love with your football club. We've slept on the sofa for far too long now. It's time to break the bed springs.

The official statement and accompanying comments read well - but so did Andre Villas-Boas first press conference with him citing 'aggressive counter-attacking football' and 'continuing the traditions left behind by Harry Redknapp' (in terms of the tempo). I think this time my faith might have far better pragmatism than AVB's football. Pochettino is a confident manager and one who possess a basis with a style far more in keep with what we expect.

Key is also youth and he's proven capable of mixing old and young so that is good news for the Spurs kids. The most prominent early season challenge is getting the best out of our misfiring multi-million pound squad. Erik Lamela might finally have someone to hug.

As for Levy's comments citing 'attacking football' and the rest of it, it's standard PR but maybe a realisation that we can't completely forgo our traditions for a top four place. I don't quite believe we keep appointing the wrong person. I still do believe there is something wrong with our structure and how easy relationships are lost between the coaching staff and the board.

Or perhaps it's the high expectancy levels - that fabled sense of entitlement. That desire from the supporters and whatever it is Levy actually aims for creates a massive headache for all concerned. We end up feeling like we've failed when the reality is we've achieved what we should have expected in the first place before we distorted it. The flip side to it is we've underachieved with what we have at our disposal. This theory has yet to be proven. No-one has quite solidified the promise and gelled it together to form a robust resilient machine that can produce satisfying football and results. Once more, the Holy Grail of Tottenham is the singularity that consumes us all.

Mixing the Spurs Way with intelligent and calculated football (meaning the occasional sacrifice of style for unnerving substance) isn't easy. Still, good on us for trying. Echo of glory is alive and well what with us always reaching out for something that isn't quite attainable thanks to the flawed previous models and blueprints for success. Maybe Levy has wised up? Ha! Okay, I'm taking this into the realms of fantasy now, but a 5 year contract is either very shrewd personal insurance for Pochettino or Levy living up this promise of a 'footballing philosophy'.

Short-term gains always seem to be priority for all concerned. If that breeds a winning mentality it can help breed some more. Doubt anyone cares other than to see Spurs entertain with spirit. We need a starting point. We've forgotten the basics.

There's no arguing that MP has impressed with what he's implement at Southampton and back in La Liga. However, Spurs is something altogether different. A destroyer of managers. Of hope. It's a beast, a curse. We can play the blame game but we all feed into it. Us, the media - everyone. Pochettino might have enough self-awareness about him to understand that a high dose of reality has to be injected into the club before we reach out for the heavens.

I feel that as a supporter, I shouldn't be obstructive with his arrival and simply offer him a straitjacket welcoming him into our mad house. I really think we have a massive part to play. Our part will be easy if the football is a mix of attack and astute. If it takes time to bed in, that's when we'll be tested. Not to dismiss the fact that his nerve will also take a battering.

He's chosen to be one of us. That's either guts or insanity right there. So I welcome you Mauricio. No comparisons to the past. This is your gig now. Own it.

We should now let the football and results define our expectations for the season ahead.


Haha, that last sentence. I'm not even drunk, I promise I'm sober.




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Positive tweets from journalist Tor-Kristian Karlsen (@karlsentk):

Excellent appointment in my opinion: ticks many boxes for Spurs. Proved himself capable of improving individual players = key for THFC (1/5)

As well as being more than happy to promote academy kids to the first team AND improving them at the same time (very impressive) (2/5)

"Gets" the culture of English football, yet at the same time possesses the cultural understanding of successfully dealing with... (3/5)

...players from a variety of footballing backgrounds (and cultures). This point not to be underestimated given the diverse Spurs squad (4/5)

Tactically clever, impressive on the training ground, reads/"feels" the game well, experience as a def helps rectify Spurs def problems(5/5)



Knock yourselves out then knock yourselves out again with a celebratory drink. Then buckle up for more fireworks and heartbreak.