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The season is over but (now departed) Tim Sherwood's soundbites keep on coming. Nothing wrong with most of them especially if you strip the agenda away (if you have one) relating to your dislike for him as an outspoken character. He does make some sense. I'm still uncomfortable with the disconnect he displays. He speaks about being Tottenham and loving his time as the coach but often is critical of the club in how it's being run. That's for the likes of me and you to discuss openly, not someone appointed as the coach. Although he's free to say what he likes now he's a free agent.

In his recent headline grabbing words of wisdom, he cites Gareth Bale being sold and then replaced by seven new players as the main reason for our under-achievement this season. Although - as Tim states - it's hardly an under-achievement, it's exactly what we should have expected considering the mass influx of first team players and the loss of not just one of the most important factors of the side but one of the top players in world football.

Not sure if this was aimed at his critics and the supporters (usually one and the same thing) but again, I can't argue with the logic. It's something I've discussed a few times. We had our expectations drowned in misguided optimism. This season, thanks to those transfers (in and out) was always going to be transitional.

From Tim's perspective, this thinking allows him to protect his achievements in terms of not sustaining a top four challenge when he took over and eventually finishing 6th. However, I can't stop from going back to the unnerving truth that as a club with aspirations and a club with a system in place to support the coach with transfer targets - how does one sanction so much internal turmoil when it's going to be so detrimental to those lofty ambitions?

There was no other option, so transitional was more or less cemented when AVB left.

Sherwood - love him or hate him - pretty much did as well as anyone could have considering the state of affairs at the time. If he was a little more introvert and less explosive with his tongue he might have been perceived differently. Still, Spurs need someone with experience because the mechanics of the game will not allow a new coach the time to settle and craft his identity on the team.

Kudos then to Sherwood and the Gilet sharing inspired dugout comedy that saw him invite a fan down to quickly sit next to Les Ferdinand. Maybe it was innocent banter and he was playfully reacting to the vocal fans football opinions or perhaps he was digging at the criticism that he's not fit to coach Spurs.

Either way, Sherwood doesn't appear to care too much what anyone thinks. He does what he wants and says what he wants. Maybe a few more years experience will mellow him out a little and he'll realise that not everything has to be accompanied by a big neon sign screaming 'Look at me! I'm over here'. For now he can look to the lower tiers to get real hands on managerial experience away from the shining spot light of the Premier League.



Rafa Benitez to Spurs? That's the latest rumour doing the rounds and it's not surprising as there were suggestions a couple of seasons back that the club spoke to the former Liverpool coach about taking over at Spurs, opting for Andre Villas-Boas instead.

I've got to speak from the heart and say that of all the coaches selected Rafa is probably the best one suited to Tottenham Hotspur and an immediate impact. What with our lack of patience and the death of the long term project (in terms of allowing someone to bide their time and build something gradually over seasons) Benitez ticks almost all the boxes.

He's got substantial Premier League experience and can hit the ground running. Nothing - from the football to the media - will require acclimatising.

He has pedigree, knows a bit about winning silverware and is a meticulous tactician. In some ways everything AVB aspired to be in terms of preparation and strategy, but where Villas-Boas struggled to impose himself on the game, Benitez has succeeded.

He won the Coppa Italia in his first season at Napoli. Picked up a FIFA Club World Cup at Inter along with the Italian Super Cup and the Europa League during his tenure at Chelsea. Add to it the league titles at Valencia and the Champions League with Liverpool - and you have a manager that loves to splash the ink on his CV.

Not that he's perfect. He's hardly the quiet type so it would be interesting (or short lived) if he was to clash with Daniel Levy and the DoF system at Spurs. Ignoring his slightly loud mouth, who are we to complain about his loss in the wars of kidology when attacking Sir Alex Ferguson during the 2009 season and the subsequent demise of Liverpool as a title challenging side the season after? Or struggling with the inheritance left behind by Jose Mourinho at Inter after a treble winning season? Or recent managers have hardly been the most articulate with their content and timing.

His tenure at Stamford Bridge was hardly a disaster unless you only read clumsy A4 banners held up by Chelsea fans who have scribbled some gibberish with felt-tip. He was accused of being ultra-defensive and too safe. Only Jose is allowed that special virtue.

Ignoring why he would wish to leave Napoli after a season and flirting with the idea that he would welcome a return to the Premier League - he is above and beyond the other coaches as the best choice.

Louis van Gaal is on a promise to Manchester United. Frank de Boer appears to be a target but a risk. If we do want a long term project, then de Boer fits that bill - if left to create an ethos that runs from the first team to the academy.

Mauricio Pochettino is also a risk, again, mainly because of how the club and the fans apply pressure of expectancy.

Then again, because of Rafa's experience that expectancy level might rise up regardless, with supporters wishing to see an immediate return. I feel Daniel Levy and ENIC would also like to see the brand name elevated to aid with naming rights and other business related endeavours. As long as the football played doesn't inspire A4 banners of our own making.


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