No! Never!


Another Spursy Wipe.


Other news still forces a Spurs meltdown

This afternoon news broke that David Moyes will be sacked by Manchester United. Cue panic stations that Louis van Gaal would prefer Old Trafford to White Hart Lane. Cue slandering of Daniel Levy's lack of urgency with a new appointment allowing Utd to take the initiative and not considering the fact that van Gaal hasn't committed because of this exact potentiality to take the job up there than down here. In addition, at the time of writing Moyes hasn't even been sacked yet but apparently there's a deal in place for him to be appointed by Spurs because 'our people' have 'spoken to his'.

Supporters discussing how losing out on LvG means the only other available target would be the emotional wreck of what's left of David, former over-achiever of Everton. Twitter, ya killing me mate.

We are officially through the wardrobe people riding on a lions back through snow.

Non Spurs related news can still be morphed into Spurs news. Water into wine. Everyone is so eager for the next stage in our evolution/devolution that we're getting jealous of other clubs attempts at resolving their own mess.

Considering Spurs have scrapped identity, transparency, leadership and defending how about we just don't appoint anyone? Pioneers of football, always with the firsts. Daniel Levy might be up for this new business model, as he won't have to pay anyone compensation for sacking them after 18 months. Either that or this:

Baldini: Moyes is going to be sacked.
Levy: What?
Baldini: United are going to sack him or force his resignation. They'll be favourites for Louis van Gaal
Levy: No! Never!
Baldini: What should we do?
Levy: What we should have done an age ago.
Baldini: <nods>
Levy. Do it! Do it! Release the flying monkeys!
Baldini: I can't, I can't!
Levy: Why?
Baldini: The's broken....

One week later

Levy: Ladies and gentlemen, your new manager with an improved 3 year deal, Mr Tim Sherwood.



Levy's send of season letter to the fans

Via email from Mark Rose (a platinum member at the Lane). He's managed to get hold of Levy's end of season 'letter to the supporters'. Must be ITK.


Dear Supporter,

We have reached the end of another wonderful season and I'm sure that, like me, you can't believe it has already come to an end.

The club have achieved a number of key aims in the past twelve months. We have secured a commercial rights partnership with Toronto FC and we hope to secure further deals on our vital North American pre season tour this July. We will of course bring these to you first via the Club's Official Communications Channels. We have signed a long term sponsorship deal with AIA ensuring a vital source of income for the club. The AIA Chairman said: "We are delighted to be connected with such a wonderful company and to display our prominent red logo on Tottenham Hotspur jerseys which will be displayed around the world via live television coverage of the Hotspur games." We maintain vital links with Mischon de Reya who continue to provide vital advice on commercial opportunities.

We are on the verge of building a brand new world class stadium which will take the club to the next stage of the five year plan that I announced in 2001. Later this month we anticipate that the Secretary of State will confirm that a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) has been granted for the final piece of land that we require to begin building the new stadium. If the CPO is granted I will be working with Mischon de Reya to enable us to move forward with Phase Two of the Northumberland Development Project. We be looking to sign a commercial rights deal with a major partner in the world of commerce which will include permanent naming rights for our new stadium. With this intact we hope to begin planning for the building of the new stadium in the very near future.

In other areas the club has had a fruitful 2013/14 season. The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation goes from strength to strength working with the community and with a number of charities improving the lives of our local population. Our world class training facility has continued to produce bright young academic players and, at the time of writing, our under-18s have reached the end of season league play offs. Meanwhile our first team finished in seventh position just behind the reigning Champions Manchester United on goal difference. Whilst it was disappointing not to finish in a position that would have enabled us to qualify for next season's Champions' League our recent performances and results indicate that next season we will have an excellent opportunity to finish in the top four. To this end I am sure you will join me in wishing Head Coach Tim Sherwood and his coaching staff all the best for next season.

Finally I would like to thank you for your tremendous support this season. I wish you and your families a pleasant summer and I look forward to seeing you back at the Lane next season.


Daniel Levy.



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