Thought of the day (go on, guess what it is)


3.07 kick off.

3.08 1-0 down within 25 seconds. A virgin in a brothel would last longer.

3.09 2-0 down.

Kane sitter.

Adebayor penalty miss. More power in a flea's fart.

3-0 down. Tottenham defence left back on the chalkboard at Hotspur Way. Left-back also left back somewhere in North London

3-1 - We are so bad we can't score ourselves, so we're getting WBA to do it for us.

Second half?

Yeah, like I wanted to take that much notice of the second half.

Vlad off for Fryers. I only know because he updated his Instagram from the dressing room.

Oh hello. 3-2. Kane. Lennon assist. I'll repeat that. Lennon assisted with a cross, beating the full-back, to cross for a downward header from Harry. Assist. From Lennon. He assisted.

Eriksen shot goes wide. Paying a bit more attention now. WBA too busy time-wasting to bother with a killer fourth goal.

Danny Rose hits the face of God with his own effort late on.

Six minutes of injury time. Believe? Well this is Spurs and the only way is the hard way.

Go on then.

3-3. Eriksen. Scenes. Spurs, doing their very best to lose a game, can't even lose the game properly.



Dominant second half, the opposite to what we gave in the first half, with hardly any defending to do. I guess the only question to ask is; How difficult is it for our players to retain some sense of focus and concentration early on in the game? Of any game? Slowest starters in the league. Never score at the right end in the opening fifteen minutes. That calamity of a non-performance early on stole all three points from us and made WBA look like Barcelona. We're thieving from our own pockets.

We all know the season ended weeks back and if I've casually switched off all hope - judging by the players - so have they. No excuse, but sadly we're full of them. It's all good showing fighting spirit to comeback but what you doing 3-0 down in the first place?

It's been about pride for months now. Not expecting a thing other than a little respect for the crest. Sadly, looks like all remaining fixtures are as good as pre-season runabouts. I celebrated the equaliser because that's just about as good as it's going to get until post-summer.



Spurs fans signing songs during the second half when we were losing. Might as well take one worthy memory back to London.

Lovely cool finish from Eriksen late on for the point.

Back in the race for a Europa League spot. Sorry to all Manchester United fans.

Still on minus goal difference.

Our bench in the dugout today - Friedel, Fryers, Veljkovic, Bentaleb, Sigurdsson, Townsend, Winks. Depth.

Our bench out on the pitch today - Lloris; Naughton, Chiriches, Kaboul, Rose; Lennon, Chadli, Paulinho, Eriksen; Adebayor, Kane

Sandro missing the game due to calf problem. He's more Samuel L Jackson than he is Bruce Willis #unbreakable.



Admin stuff, please read -


The comments section of this blog seems (for some) to take the lack of censorship as a license to abuse and inflame. Forums and message boards are easier to police, with sin bins and guidelines and the ability to ban individuals. Blogs tend to be more like the wild west. Hate to be the gun happy sheriff here but I've had far too many complaints and can not ignore this any longer. Some regulars no longer post because of the attitude of others. I don't mind argumentative discussions. However, anonymity for some seems to inspire them to troll for the sake of it. It's all very unproductive.

Not saying you shouldn't have a bit of passion and opinion. Also not saying that you can't flaunt and tease some comedy. But ease up on the heckling. Some of you take it too far. Probably to gauge this sort of reaction.


So here are the options:


1) If anything anti-Semitic/racist/threatening/homophobic is posted - use the option to flag the comment so I can see it and delete it. If any one individual is persistently posting the same thing that keeps getting flagged - then I'll persistently delete anything he or she posts.

2) I re-introduce the 'sign up to post comments' option for the blog and make it members only. Last time that happened hardly anyone bothered to sign up an account. In some ways - this is pretty effective. 10 posts of solid conversation is better than 250 posts of people trying to **** each other off.

3) All posts go into post-moderation, meaning I have to approve every single post as they came in. Downside to this, I'm not always on-line.

4) I get rid of the comments section completely.

5) I stop writing. I could do with being more productive away from all of this. Says a lot if I avoid reading comments on my own website because I'll be disheartened with some of the petty BS that gets shared.


I'm leaning towards the 5th one.