He wants to slap it, I just want to slap him


Top of the league. So says a report I read on Forbes and the countless shares of an image that has THFC top of the lot when it comes to money made from selling players, obviously aided with the record sale of Gareth Bale. This is the blueprint of fiscal success that Daniel Levy and ENIC have established our over-achievement on in recent years. Buy young talented players, have Spurs contend and push the brand name around the world and the continent especially, wait for a transfer bid to come in from La Liga, then cash in to then spend the money on more potential future superstars. All the while, we might or might not make Champions League football. Not make it - which is why we always sell. But say we did, theoretically, that might result with that crazy zany improbable thing where all these potential superstars remain at the club and make more money for ENIC to further fund consolidation and secure CL football every season. It's crazy talk. The cycle of repetitiveness can not be broken.

Of course, I purposely cited 'over-achievement' above as the recent discussions have called upon the collective to praise Levy and co for allowing us the privilege to contend and the reality is we'll never truly puncture a hole in the group above us because they are richer therefore meaning we'll never match them for wage structure. Meaning, checkmate.

How wonderfully poetic that the only potential not being reached and not making the club the most amount of money they'll ever make is, well, THFC itself. Bought on the cheap, looking pretty healthy but not quite maximising the market with the impact all the hype would have us believe it should.

This might happen though. Soon. Ish.

Tottenham framework. Have a look at these two pdfs.



Impressive no? That's Haringey seeking to rejuvenate and revitalise N17 to the brink of unrecognisable social glamour. There are whispers of developments and meetings and agreements. Suggestions that something is finally going to kick-start with the stadium and the rest of the structural glory will follow as the NDP finally gives birth to a new era of hope - for the local community and for the football club (although considering how broke Arsenal were during their debt years I think what I spoke about above relating to selling players as our blueprint is our version of Arsene Wenger - keeping us afloat by keeping us more or less competitive without the glory of 4th spot).

We're all impatient. Or rather we would all like to know what is going on rather than be left in the dark, but that darkness might be a consequence of the undertaking at play (the politics and financial implications of building a 60k stadium in the current climate is hardly going to be an easy one) that none of us need to know about until a time when we have to be told. In other words all the movement is currently with handshakes and signatures and the bricks will follow later.

Or perhaps, nothing is moving and it's all talk and pretty pictures with no apparent news on naming rights for the new Lane.

If you embrace positivity, it's going to be a good future for the club and our home (that being Tottenham and not Stratford). Until such times, we'll have to hope we can sign one or two from Southampton and make sure Real Madrid are still holding our hands in that rather special way for another summer saga in say 3/4 years time.


Liverpool at the weekend and a gentle reminder to stop laughing at Arsenal's plight and focus on another potential North London thrashing. Between the two of us we've managed to capitulate so often it's like a clown at a circus taking a pie to the face. Over and over again.

Although clowns are not necessarily funny (Arsenal losing is), if there is something to laugh at it's the fact that our neighbours have gone from title contenders to chasing a Champions League 4th spot, with Everton involved display plenty of intent and little old us on the outside considering if there's still a chance to reach out for it. Although hand on heart it's highly improbable even if our fixture list after our Anfield visit is more comfortable than most.

So how have we got here? Here being outside the top four and with Liverpool right in the mix of a title challenge?

Arsenal's seasonal demise is standard, as their form and final position tends to be aided by the form of others around them. The past two seasons they've edged us thanks to our own frailties as opposed to their own excellence. They play at one level, we've matched it but then thrown it away at seasons end. Liverpool have slowly worked towards the free-scoring fluidity that we had under Harry Redknapp, making them the ones to watch for entertainment (thanks to less than solid defending).

The pundits will suggest Brendan Rodgers has got Liverpool back to where they belong. Or maybe they're excelling this season and they won't be as bright the next. Who knows? I never expected Spurs to stagnate as wastefully as we have this season but we have. All it tells me is that even with Chelsea and Manchester City, two clubs that will always ahead when it comes to wage structure and financial transfer clout - anything is still possible with the rest.

Next season, rather than this. Any remaining wins for us are a bonus but being a Tottenham supporter I can't help be fuelled by the fact the mathematics are still saying we have that chance. The logistics would suggest otherwise. As I've noted many times, all the sides above us are in their stride or at the very least playing much like they've played all season. We on the other hand still resemble a side that isn't sure exactly how we're meant to be playing. We're the most unlikely of all the teams to be smiling come the final day. Yet here I am scratching my head in maddening fashion, posing the question...what if we manage to beat Liverpool? You know, the same Liverpool that destroyed us 5-1 at the Lane.

How ironic that last season we went up to Anfield and handed them the three points when a win would have secured a Champion League spot. Hope can be vanquished in seconds. It can also be reborn with a blink of an eye.

I still believe. It would be boring not to (for boring see deluded).


Alan Sugar. About us relevant to Tottenham as Piers Morgan is to Arsenal. Here's two people that seem to think their opinion is some how defining a generation, such is the level of self-importance that accompanies any given tweet. Or maybe not. Maybe everyone that reads the knowledge bombs dropped by both just shrug at their melty opinions that are about on par with any other given fan (of either side) that tend to speak from their misguided heart with hefty dollops of hypocrisy and contradiction.

Christ, I could be talking about myself here. Or any of you lot. Does it really matter what either of them say? No. I don't care about Morgan. So how about Sugar who at the very least can claim to be someone with insight what with his tenure as chairman of our club. Claim is just about all he can do. Here's the latest napalm attack Sugar has bestowed on us:

Question for Spurs fans. If Wenger forced out of Arsenal would you have him at WHL . I would any day of the week

There is so much wrong with this statement on so many levels - some of which are pragmatic others borderline spiritual - that I'm not even going to bother to respond directly. Instead, I'm going to meditate by channelling the memory of my good self standing outside the High Court watching an Amstrad home computer getting trashed...

...there it goes. It's getting trashed...

...I'm at peace.


'The Sol Campbell autobiography with 3rd person narrative' he said to himself as he typed his latest blog article. He wondered if it was even worth mentioning the Judas and if he so wished to include an image of the page from the book that was shared on social media to much hilarity. Spooky wasn't sure what to say next so he took his iphone into his hand and checked the weather which looked to be exactly as it was when he stared out of his window. That's really interesting, the weather is the same in digital form as it is when perceived with my own eyes, he said. What a time we live in. He laughed out loud and decided to write down this comedic and spiritual paradox of joy and enlightenment before continuing to discuss the Judas biography extract. Then he decided not to proceed. Sharing said page from the book is practically on par with promoting it and Spooky would prefer not to have that association. Instead, Spooky noticed a Ladybird that had somehow found its way into his home and chased the fluttery little insect around. He wanted to embrace it but didn't want to crush it's fragile body. It's time to go to bed, he told the Ladybird and off to bed Spooky went knowing that no matter what he blogged, tomorrow morning will bring more weather. He knew this because his phone told him.