What's hot

Erik Lamela sighted as alive and well, still sporting perfectly plucked eyebrows

Tim Sherwood forgetting to visit the Spurs shop pre-NLD, leaving him dressed down for the dug-out

Throwing a gilet away

Believing that this season is a ploy by Daniel Levy to incite all competitors into a false sense of security and then...BOSH ! Destroy everyone next season

Nacer Chadli showing form

Tim Sherwood wearing a suit in Lisbon

Pride restored momentarily with comeback dramatics

Arsenal being d*cked with comedic drama at Stamford Bridge. Happy anniversary. Still waiting on the selfie. Papering over the cracks indeed. One of these days we'll stop making them look so good

What's not

Sandro in sandals. Would the Incredible Hulk wear Crocs?

Wearing a gilet instead of throwing it away

The Grim Reaper at Old Trafford calling for Moyes (the postcode you need is N17 0AP - don't forget your scythe)

Neil Ashton changing his tune with pro-Andre Villas-Boas commentary in an article, you know, cause he thinks we've all forgotten about the persistent assault on the coach before he left Spurs

Tim Sherwood channelling Louie CK for comedy during any post-match interview

Accusing Adam Richman of being fake and a liar and using Tottenham to promote  personal endeavours whilst the accuser uses Tottenham to promote his own endeavours having initially used Richman to promote said endeavours and then turning on him (thus also being fake and a liar) so he can once more promote his own endeavours

Taking Eriksen to Lisbon just to bench him and surround him with kids including one from the development squad. Why he no start? Back problem? Not fit to play 90 minutes? Oh...okay then

Sherwood's reaction to opening Benfica goal resembled a man with amnesia and narcolepsy, waking up in a random place and asking himself 'what and where the f**k am I'?

Almost. Nearly. Brave. Words that hurt

The stonewall penalty being turned down

Danny Rose ignoring the call to go and applaud the away support. His Dr Beats headphones must have been lonely back in the dressing room. Unless he's spent time reading Twitter and message boards and thought 'F-you I'm the weak link'

Tim Sherwood's blasphemous remarks about Jesus

Being linked with players constantly, with season ticket renewals round the corner