Spurs to beat Everton if they play better than Everton


I stopped doing in-depth match previews a while back because let's face it, what's the point? Second guessing the best line-up based on available players is hardly stretching the boundaries of mathematical possibilities. I saw a stat earlier stating that Everton have conceded the most penalties in the Premier League this season (via @OptaJoe). Using that logic it makes it easy for us on Sunday. Start Soldado, tell Soldado to dive, score penalties, win. Job done. Who needs fancy Anglo-Portuguese chit chat about dimensions and how to solidify stuff when we can just go out there and hope for the best. Tim agrees with me.

In Sherwood's pre-match presser he commented the following:

“I don’t think we have to adjust to Everton, they won’t adjust to us. If we win our personal battles, we’ll come out on top."

So the strategy is to simply play better than them and win.

I guess his approach is far cleverer than revealing detailed blueprints on how we plan to combat Everton's tidy side. Tim surely isn't as simplistic as his ordinary words would suggest. At least I hope he's not. Although either way it doesn't matter as Frank de Boer can't wait to take the helm at a club like Tottenham where no doubt it will take us two years to destroy his managerial career as fans and the board unite to strangle stability, continuity, patience (pick one) and then move onto the next idiot stupid enough to embrace the poisoned cockerel.


Adebayor was also interviewed recently and citied how he told Andre Villas-Boas (privately and again in front of a group) how things should be done. No confirmation whether he was wearing a beanie hat at the time. Reckon if he was that would have pushed Andre well over the edge to then ostracise the trend driven one man rebellion. Interesting that Adebayor also mentions Sherwood and how supportive he was from the very start. I say interested but I mean obviously. Why wouldn't he? He's selecting him, of course he has good words to say about the Spurs coach. Those words:

"He's always been there for me. From day one by my side"

I doff my conspiracy hat to Machiavellian Tim with his slow brooding inception. Alas, no, there is no conspiracy. The obvious explanation is more probable. Sherwood man manages better because he would never ostracise anyone for any political gain or misguided philosophy. Unless the conspiracy is to make us believe there is no conspiracy. MIND BLOWN.

What I did like from the mouth of our rejuvenated striker is how he feels motivated to prove everyone that doubted him wrong. Absolutely no reason for him not to continue his intensity drenched form between now and the end of the season. Why would he wish to default on his promise? He'll only have the told you so fingers waving at him if he sits back into comfort and snoozes the game time away.

Talking of rejuvenated, Everton are a robust team that are looking upwards and this game - the result - will do wonders for ambitions attaining to top four aspirations because the top four is the only goal of relevance (unless you're Soldado where the open goal is pretty much irrelevant). 

Tough game. Everton with a healthy recent record at Spurs. Must win. Add your own cliché.

1:30 pm kick off, modern football making sure it has a say in what might be another lead up to yet another meltdown.

Tim might not be fanciful with his words. He's just keeping it plain, no complicating the English language with fused dynamical linguistics. His football might not be fanciful either. Not yet. In post-match there should be more to discuss than in pre-match and hopefully it will include applause for three points well won.

AVB was accused of speaking a good game but not giving us a good game. Sherwood is being accused of not having a clue about a good game, be it speaking it or delivering it. The only consistency I see is the inconsistency our fan-base is embracing by reacting on a game to game basis. Doesn't matter really who is in charge and what level of experience they possess. Our perspective is so skewed nobody really knows what it is they want. Well, apart from no StubHub, ENIC out and the freedom to use the y word without ensuing arrest.

Let's all hug it out. Come on you Spurs. Let's be 'aving you etc etc