Pochettino's philosophy needs to be swapped for a good kick up the backside


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I'm not going to talk about Daniel Levy's business model or Franco Baldini's £100M spending spree. I'm tired and bored of the politics even if they remain pertinent reasons for our Greek tragedy fuelled dismantlement from the fearless heights of momentum to shivering under the covers because of monsters under the bed. To progress Mauricio Pochettino and his players have to take responsibility.

Did he inherit this mess? Yes, but he did so with ample opportunity to appreciate exactly what he was getting into. This is now about self-preservation because even if it is unfair for us to taint him because of our past indiscretions, there's no hiding away from it. Think about it, we bemoan Levy's management of the football side so if he's prone to a mistake then Pochettino might be another one to add to the list.

Then there's us, the suffering faithful, demanding the moon on a stick and making it easy for Levy to then pull the trigger. Change usually allows for a cleansing. Fresh starts always come with over bearing doses of misplaced optimism. At least they did once upon a time. Eleven games into this league season and we're talking about a potential crisis.

Poch has to fight against history and he isn't doing himself any favours with his team selections. Yes, we all wanted Harry Kane out of sheer desperation that £100M worth of supposed talent can't muster some much needed pride and respect for the shirt that an academy breed lad can. The pressing game is more of a plodding game. There's more width on a ruler than there is out on the White Hart Lane pitch. It's so congested I'm half expecting Boris Johnson to be subbed on dishing out fines.

Experience internationals sit on the bench, not proving their worth whilst the likes of Ryan Mason have, in terms of application. Although I can no longer tell the difference between a good Spurs player and a bad one.

Our form at the Lane is as vacant as the flattened land where the development of the new stadium is meant to be built. Urgency zest driven intent feels so detached, kids are going to grow up thinking Spurs winning at home is nothing more than mythical nonsense.

Supporters can deal with hardships and troubled times of transition if there is enough evident endeavour to improve and push forward. When our players can't even pass the ball with tidy measure to a team-mate, you have to begin to question the tactics and ideology and the players spirit because this apologetic mess is pathetic.

Pochettino has to quickly realise we don't need soundbites about philosophy, we need a kick up the backside.  We are mentally weak. We're also physically inept with the spacial awareness of a brick.

I accept this might be one of our famed hardships and we should also man up as supporters. We've had worst days. But I don't want to be so accepting. The players at this moment in time are. That's simply not good enough.


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