A late night consolidation of thoughts. There's a connection between the stagnation of the football and the decisions being made at board level. There has to be. One influences the other, one controls or at the very least supports the other. To suggest that ENIC and Daniel Levy can not be held responsible or have a fair chunk of the percentage when it comes to accountability (the new blog buzz word) is delusional. 

I'd say the same for the support, the fanbase, because when we turn on someone or something as a majority it's used as a catalyst for change with the added bonus of working as a deflection for those that frequent the directors box. Sack the manager, replace him and we all point fingers and wait for the next managerial victim to walk in with promise and out with a hefty contribution to his pension.

Obviously, this cycle of repetition and maligned business model is ever present and often forgotten about when the results are good. I keep alluding to this because we also have to accept that with all the constraints and the challenges that remain out of our control (other clubs and their ambitions) there is the little matter of the football.

As flawed as it might be based on the business model that many state is victimising our ability to contend, what we have right now is what we have. We're going to have to suck that up and back the coach and the players. It's going to be hard enough putting up with all the digs and pressures from the ones willing us to fail let alone those with stern expectations amongst us so hopefully we can reclaim some pride, be it a call to arms, and get behind the team.

Personally, I'm not at the breaking point stage. Those wishing to protest are and I'd be interested to see just how far they take it. What concerns me is that when moving to Stratford was the intention of our owners, the vast majority of supporters were indifferent to it. I don't feel like everyone united to go to war back then. We really this petulant to do so now? If Levy sacks Pochettino then march on brothers and sisters. At the moment I'm more keen to understand our coach and how he plans to defeat the tight White Hart Lane pitch that is suffocating our football.

That's it. That's all I wanted to share. I've blogged this as I've had several conversations in the past two days where people want it to be one thing or another when the reality is - it's all one and the same thing. It's not black or white. It's a multitude of greys raining down on white and blue.


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