It was Dier


A couple of additional musings following on from the post-match depression.

Many have taken to citing the strong team spine we had under Redknapp. King, Modric, Bale, van der Vaart etc and then others point out as a counter viewpoint that we had plenty of failures and frustrations with these side. As I've looked back to the past in recent articles I just wanted to clarify that the point of referencing that particular team and comparing it to the disjointed one we have is to illustrate the complete lack of character we currently possess.

That particular team (and manager) was not perfect and we could have achieved so much more than we did. What we've done since those hedonistic days is to lose all the key elements that gel players together. It's a lot easier when you have key players in key positions that can galvanise and lead. We are no longer a team just a shadow of one. That doesn't mean we wont reclaim some structure again. Evidence of this hope is not forthcoming currently. Hence the frustrations.

In the past few seasons we've attempted to play a brand of football where the players don't match up to the chalkboard scribbles. We'll find out during the course of the season if they can match up to Pochettino's organising or whether we have to once more rely on players leaving and players arriving to rejuvenate our fading star.


Eric Dier. I underplayed his accountability at the start of the second half. Watching it again and seeing him run out last, slap (I think) Kaboul's hands with a 'let's go' high-five only to then see him desperately out of position for Newcastle to steal in and score was quite simply spectacular comedy. This goal and the manner in which we conceded is another error, a gift, that we've become accustomed to handing out routinely for what seems an absolute age. This particular one was a mixture of naivety and lackadaisical focus. You can blame Dier but share the pointed finger with the ones around him and their sleepy experience. Talk about complacency and misguided confidence. The game wasn't won. Shame on them thinking it was.