Social media. The amplifier for stupidity.

The anti-Semitic abuse appears to be mostly from kids that don't realise just how wrong their tweets are or simply just don't care because they're copying an older generation that should know better. I'm pretty sure Arsenal have a sizeable chunk of Jewish supporters as part of their fanbase.

All of this started after Theo Walcott was sidelined for six months which followed his mugging of Spurs fans with his stretcher gesture. Cue a wonderful example of the hypocrisy in football. Arsenal fans calling Spurs fans classless for taking the p*ss out of Walcott's injury. No hint of irony considering the songs that get sang about wishing Adebayor dead to the tune of another song which was sang by us and also by them. The hypocrisy is eternally shared.

Let's break this back down into the realm of reality.

Walcott has picked up an injury which I'm sure his millionaire backside will cater for as he sits in luxury and watches this summers World Cup with his feet up at home. Granted as a professional and as someone that lives football, you would want to play at the biggest stage there is. It's unlikely, so I'm sure he's drowning in misery, as most would. However, he's not on his death bed. He's still getting paid. He'll have plenty of time to recover and spend the next few seasons as he's spent the last few seasons - stagnating whilst running really really fast.

He's a privileged lad. Very privileged because if Arsenal had a better squad of players, like the one they had 8-10 years ago then he'd be playing for someone else. So kudos on the hand gesture and the smug smile but if you're going to dish it out then you're going to get it back. I couldn't give a **** to be honest, but if others want to laugh away then that's exactly what they're going to do. It's football. It's a rivalry. I can remember supporters from Arsenal and other clubs laughing at us for losing Modric and Bale to injury. Wishing broken bones. Cheering on Charlie Adam.

It's all a bit embarrassing, but it is what it is and far worse things are chanted at football matches by all concerned. Score-draw, everyone on equal pegging.

The only thing of note I've taken out of this is the repeated questioning of class that some keep bringing up and using it in quite possibly the most deluded way imaginable by wishing away history and fact. Saying you have it doesn't make it true if you keep repeating it over and over and over again.

It's always been a fallacy that Arsenal are a club with class. When you attempt to create an identity out of nothing then the very foundations you build on are false. You can never change that no matter what follows.

Broke and desolate they whored themselves around London to remain in existence before bribing themselves into a position of merit to allow their lie to grow.

Their entire fanbase that exists beyond the south of the river was made up of flaky plastic fans that rejected their local teams and opted for a franchise that renamed an underground station. Brutal irony that Herbert Chapman was an ex-Spurs player yet their football from the 30s till the mid-90s consisted of boring methodical nothingness with sporadic hints of flair. Drugs, porn, booze and degenerates far more popular options for entertainment.

The reason Sol Campbell is such a hero for them, the reason they welcomed him with open arms is because he's the personification of an Arsenal fan; a Judas. It was akin to looking in a mirror. And look at him now, all broken and bitter. A soulless mess of a man.

Arsene 'I will duplicate my ego on this blank canvas of a football club' Wenger has masked that lie and spoilt them rotten. Re-invented and rejuvenated, a new philosophy that has also magically erased almost everything that existed before it. Yet it doesn't take much for them to turn on him. Hardly surprising when you see how Wenger has cloned his arrogance into his players who in turn have assimilated their bipolar fans.

Class is everything that isn't red with white sleeves.

They will always be the club that surrendered their home and their history, the club from Woolwich that played their football next to sewage works in Plumstead and tried desperately to merge with Fulham.

Morally bankrupt. Spiritually corrupt. A stench on humanity .



Only joking. LOL. Good old fashion banter innit.  I'm just trying to deflect. Insert safety wink here.

If truth be told I can't live without Arsenal. If they didn't exist we'd have to put up with Chelsea and West Ham humping our legs for first dibs as 'our rivals'.

Get well soon Theo. It's going to be okay lad. Andros and Aaron have got this.



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