The 10 other potential reasons why AVB isolated Adebayor


Emmanuel Adebayor, according to the Daily Mail, fell out with Andre Villas-Boas over a beanie hat that the Togo international declined to remove on request from AVB. This however is only one of the many rumoured reasons why the two clashed with Adebayor spending the season training with youth players and not being selected for first team duty.

Here are the alternate incidents that might have led to the player being ostracised.


1) Emmanuel Adebayor failed to hold the dressing room door open for Andre Villas-Boas who had to push it open himself

2) Andre forgot his umbrella and had to run to his car in the pouring rain with Adebayor failing to offer a share and briskly walking to his car, remaining dry

3) With his Beats headphones on, AVB asked Adebayor to turn down the volume to which Adebayor replied 'They have noise cancellation, there is no way you can hear the sound unless you are wearing them'

4) In the changing room, post early morning training session, AVB having showered with the other lads walks past Adebayor to reach for a towel and Ade remarks, 'Not so big dimension'

5) In the training ground car park, Adebayor was snapping shots of the cars belonging to his team mates and uploading them to Instagram. AVB smiled and asked, 'Are you going to snap my car?' to which Ade replied 'No'

6) During the end of season squad travel to the Bahamas, Andre asked Adebayor to apply sun tan lotion to his back and Ade quickly pulled out his mobile phone and suggested he had an incoming call. Minutes later, Andre noticed Ade applying lotion to another player and remarking that his phone was dead because he forgot to charge it

7) Adebayor, post-match, was eating Rolo's. He had one left. Andre walked past him three times in quick succession and was not offered it. Ade then walked across the room and offered Benoit Assou-Ekotto the Rolo. Benny took it and throw it up in the air to catch it with his mouth and missed. Benny laughed out loud at the dust covered Rolo with AVB seething in the background

8) During lunch in the canteen, Adebayor flicked a pea which hit Villas-Boas on the side of the head

9) Whilst visiting the gents, Andre noticed a cartoon drawing scribbled on the wall depicting Adebayor as Godzilla clutching a screaming AVB in his hand

10) When giving some tactical instructions regarding plans for the season ahead Adebayor removed his beanie hat and replaced it with a top hat, took out a cane and then tap danced to the door whilst repeating the word 'Problem?' over and over again