In the past couple of months I've said everything I could possibly say about Gareth Bale. Read my definitive goodbye here.

I'll keep this short and sweet as I'm bracing myself for the end game.

I hope he storms La Liga. I believe he has the mental fortitude to survive the pressure and the egos. I'm not going to be able to look away so expect me to keep tabs on him. He's still one of us. He was born to play for Spurs...just for a bit. It's worth reminding yourself that he became the player he is today in our Lilywhite shirt. When, in any of our lifetimes, have we been blessed with a near £100M footballer? It's an astonishing story when you remember the jinx, almost being sold/loaned, BAE's injury and his return to the side, then his transformation to left-wing, then to free-roamer and finally to explosive attacking forward.

He plays where he wants. Spain.

Shame his future (for now) is elsewhere but his departure hasn't quite left us broken or shattered. Easy to understate his association with our club because he's moved to another. This doesn't need to end with bitterness.

Good luck Gareth. If you fancy a move back when you hit your peak at 28 years of age, look us up. You never know, we might cross paths in the mean time. 



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