You explain it

I should know better, to write up an article talking theoretically about a new player acquisition before it's been confirmed because it won't read too well if you refer back to it after said player has ended up at another club. That's not to say said player will end up at another club. Mainly because there is nothing to suggest this, aside from what Sky Sports News understand.

Welcome to the land of confusion. 

The genius behind this is not Kia Joorabchian (Willian's advisor/agent/money grabber). It's us. The needy consumer of good news that turn any given news into either good or bad news depending on what agenda we're riding at the time. Are we all about to fall off? This ride is a little bumpy.

We know - according to sources that we do appear to credit as reliable (I don't know how the logic is applied, I think we all make it up as we go along) - that Willian has had a medical with us. What has since transpired (according to Sky who re-opened the closed betting market on the player's likely destination) is that Chelsea have bid for the player too. So what gives? 

Have Chelsea actually bid? If they have is Willian even interested in signing for a club with a wealth of attacking mid riches? Will he even play that often in a World Cup year at a club with so many first teamers that can stake a claim ahead of him? Or is he simply interested in the riches, one key reason for his move to Russia? Perhaps this is agent banter 101, a classic attempt to squeeze out a little extra for a rainy day. Or maybe Chelsea are telling Manchester United (and Rooney) that the money can easily be spent elsewhere. Could be Chelsea just don't want us to sign him so they're signing him to stop us form having him. Hastag conspiracy nut.

Then there's that other reason, the one we like to ignore. No, not the one about Champions League football but the one about another club being a better choice on a personal level for the player - rather than what we believe to be the better choice from a Tottenham supporting stand point. It ties into the 'riches' thing above. You take the best job on offer.

Sigh. Life is harsh for those on the outside looking in.

Football transfer politics. It's a dirty dirty game.

Spurs will do what is best for Spurs. Willian will no doubt do the same for himself.

Important to remember - this player isn't a Spurs player until he signs for us. What happens in the lead up to that will define his future so if he doesn't end up with us, it's not because of a failure on our part. He had a medical. I think that states our intentions. If this deal does break down because of money, would you really be that bothered? For a start, Willian rejected Liverpool for us, so if he then rejects us for Chelsea...what can you do but shrug and move onto the next target (then go back and edit blogs you've written to save face). 

But before we vilify the man, let's wait and see how it all plays out. The deal is probably done and we're all spitting rage for nothing. Honestly, what's more believable? The player having a medical at Spurs and in the process of signing a contract and then suddenly being in 'advanced talks' with another club moments after a bid has allegedly been accepted by his club?

Don't answer that. 

We don't choose to believe Sky and the supposedly in the know journalists most of the time, so why believe every twist and turn? Valuable lesson learnt (again) regardless. Wait...wait for the official word. Much like you should ignore the Adidas run Real Madrid online shop and their 'Bale' shirts until the official word is spoken*. Or written. Levy apparently set to entertain us with an open letter to the supporters, if you believe those ITK's.

*apparently an error by a sub-contracted company that do the online work for Adidas. 

Remain positive. 

Although, honestly, I'm a little nervous about how I've been swept up by the prospect of both Willian and Lamela (his brother claiming on Twitter he's on his way to England). When (if) Bale goes is surely dependent on the business we're about to do, to make sure the squad is fixed up so we're not left wanting after the player departs for Madrid.

I can not, after the brilliant summer we've had, envisage us ruining it at the very final moment. We've bought well. But now, we're on the verge of box office signings. They have to take place before the Bale saga ends. Maybe Bale and Madrid are moody and grim because this deal won't happen unless we complete our own. If that happens. We win. We keep a world class player and don't need to worry about bringing in two (just the one - Lamela - will do). Ah, whatever, who am I kidding? Made up my mind a while back he's gone.

It truly is a staggering scenario where on the one hand everything appears to be happening, and in the next, nothing is happening at all. One standing domino that needs a gentle flick to bring down the ones that stand ahead of it.

Let's just wait for the official word, right?