Box it up

Christian Eriksen admits to be interested in a move to Spurs. Although at the moment, the only move is the one he's making, tapping himself up to get Spurs to notice. In fact, it seems that Eriksen is alerting all that will turn their heads to face him that he fancies a move away from Ajax. Shop window open, lack of passing customers stopping to take a look. Might have something to do with his form. In fact far too many have commented on his erraticness to suggest that the £15M or so being touted as a price tag is overblown and laughable when we spent £1.5M on Holtby (not quite the same type of player but you'll only be able to start one of them). Best we endeavour to get the best out of what we've got rather than sign another player that isn't required.

Talking of lack of form, Alen Halilovic is suffering out in Croatia. The opinion is, he's hit a break wall in his development and needs a move. Amazing, considering he's only 17 years of age. Amazing in that the opinion suggests his current club don't have the resources to improve him, challenge him. That might be true. I'm not an expert on Croatian football, but I doubt there's a comparison in facilities between us and Dinamo Zagreb. That and the calibre of players he'll be lining up/training with.  He's considered one of their brightest young starlets, but has struggled recently.

The deal, last time round, broke down due to his father rejecting the original package to join Spurs. The rumours have been persistent for a couple of days now that a fee has again been agreed with Dinamo, his dad allegedly was in England (although for other reasons). The point being, this still looks like it's happening. Spurs very much desiring to take responsibility for the player.

However, he wouldn't actually be able to join us until he turned 18 (next June). Hence the reluctance from his father - the player will be stuck in a stagnated state until he's age permits otherwise. Unless he joins another club (in Europe) where he's permitted to move now.

via Alexsandar Holiga (journalist) - I have no idea what will happen. A transfer + loan to another European club seems the best option, but Alen's dad is very picky 

There's a chance we could be disappointed again, unless Spurs lend a hand in allowing the player to escape a year early. 


Spurs linked with 25 year old Watford forward, Troy Deeney. After some of the players we've been linked with, this is a little underwhelming. Although if Spurs plan to sign two more strikers, they'd be replacing the two we have. Well, actually, no. AVB confirms Defoe isn't leaving. But then, he said Bale wasn't, then he settled for ambiguity instead of certainty. My point is, we can't trust everything that's quoted. So, I can't say I trust this particular story either.

Watford have been linked with a loan move for Tom Carroll.  Strange one if it happens. Would prefer to see him play in the Prem. My preference is for him to stay at Spurs, get experience and time in cup games, alongside his team mates. However I won't be disgruntled if he was playing regularly for say a promoted side in the Prem or another seasoned club willing to take him. We'll find out just how good he could be. Maybe he isn't ready. If he's not ready then that might suggest he's not as good as I hope he could be. I'm waffling.

The point here is, we expect a lot from youngsters that come up from the academy, because its a rarity that any of them make the grade with the first team. So, sure, we get a little excitable about it. There is so much more exposure these days with coverage of youth football, so this also builds up expectation. Carroll has looked mature and composed on the field when he's played for Spurs. His talent is very evident at club and international youth levels. The question is, or more so, the conundrum is he isn't good enough to start for Spurs so is he good enough for his development to be spent making cameos? A stint in the Championship might allow the right amount of comfort for him to find a consistent tempo. At the time of writing, this is only a rumour (not seen anything more to suggest this will happen). So will revisit if and when it does. Scored a decent goal for England against Scotland tonight.

Tom Huddlestone and Jake Livermore rumoured for a Hull City move. Former permanent, the latter on loan. Considering the collection of midfielders, this isn't too far a stretch of the imagination. But Huddlestone at Hull? He can aim higher than that. Sunderland are still keen.

He's going to need a taller ladder. 


If you're wondering where Etienne Capoue is, don't fret. He's undergoing a medical in the labyrinth, pitting his wits against David Bowie.

Erik Lamela. No apparent evidence (when has that stopped us from dreaming) to suggest a deal has been struck or a bid made or anything of consequence. Only the tease that a player that fits the bill for what we need is being linked. And what with our prolificness this window, that tease is something more tangible thanks the money being spent and the ambition being displayed.

A forward. Electric pace. Dribbling ability. Box office player. Obviously not deemed good enough as an alternative for Real Madrid to look at. For us, he could play wide or forward. He will cost a bomb. It will mean us having to break our transfer record for a third time in a single window. He's even got himself a heart celebration. However, cost and selection wise, you'd have to slap yourself awake and consider that having Bale at the club along with Chadli and this a player too far unless Bale moves on? Then again, I'm only making that assumption because Soldado will play up front so Lamela - theoretically - would have to play behind the front or out wide.

*slaps face* 

It's best to box this up in a dream for now.