Villa in the sun for David

David Villa is set to join Atletico Madrid. Should we be surprised? He has family settled in Spain, no requirement to uproot and leave the country altogether, learn a new language. Will be paid handsomely for his endeavours. Begs a question or two concerning our interest...or lack of.

Once more, far too much credit is given to the football media and tabloids whilst, with tongue hanging out of the side of their mouth, they sketch with big chunky crayons which player is going where and for how much when most of it is actually driven by agents driving prices and deals and clubs doing the same whilst journalists spice it all up with their own guess work. 

Here we are again.  

Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in. 

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It's quite possible there was interest from Spurs. Even a bid, but not for the exaggerated amount quoted. For the fee he's gone for Levy would have been all over it. However, when you compare what he'll be earning at Atletico, it's a further stretch. We probably just inquired. He was linked with Arsenal and Manchester United earlier in the summer. It was simply our turn if we didn't in fact show any interest.

He's also the wrong side of 30 and not quite the same player since his return from a broken leg. However, he might still have done a job for us and I would not have scoffed at his arrival to N17, if it had played out that way. Would have been a risk.

The vast majority (of the bloodthirsty Spurs supporting public) with a keen interest in waiting for something, anything to happen in the transfer market place all eggs in that one basket...the one full of holes.

I would, at this point, laugh at all the ITK's that stated categorically 'it's a done deal'. But I'd rather laugh at those that suggest they knew it was never going to happen from the start and claim righteousness because the deal didn't happen. Flip a coin, heads or tails, it's always gong to be one or the other. And surely berating others for claiming to be ITK by more or less saying you're ITK for knowing the opposite and spending most of your time regurgitating other ITK is pretty much a paradox of f**k.

This is what we've become. A generation of supporters arguing over semantics of nothingness, waving our d**ks around in each others faces. 

It doesn't matter what you claim to know before it happens. It's what actually happens that is the single most important thing. Not glory by association for being there first. 

With Baldini appointed, I have to keep the faith and trust Levy, AVB and Franco to get the job done. What everyone else wants to write about only exists to either create hype for the benefit of the people that represent the player or to generate traffic hits. 

Onto the next one.

Let's attempt to retain some happiness from the Paulinho deal for just a little bit longer before we fall back into depression.